We introduced you to 12seconds.tv in late July. 12seconds.tv provides a quick and fun way to send out a video message that’s 12 seconds long. It’s a great service for hosting mini video contests and we suggested our own tongue-twisting contest. Since then, 12seconds.tv has incorporated 12 second video challenges to further engage their users. They’ve also been integrated into other services. Today, you can add Qik and Flixwagon to their list of service integrations.

12seconds.tv, Qik, and Flixwagon

12seconds.tv is branching out of the little leagues and partnering with mobile livestreaming heavy hitters Qik and Flixwagon. The videos on Qik and Flixwagon can be pretty long, which means longer loading times for viewers. Now users won’t have to worry about wasting time loading videos that they could’ve skipped. If you’re a user of either service, the first 12 seconds of any video you record will be posted to your 12seconds.tv account. This move makes 12seconds.tv somewhat of a video aggregator. The service would be a great way to provide your network of friends with previews of your latest interview or wacky stunts that you record via Qik and Flixwagon.

More Mobile Options

The new partnerships also pushes 12seconds.tv into a wider mobile arena and expands the services current recording options, which was previously limited to a user’s webcam or emailing a video to the service from your mobile phone if your device supported video messaging. Now you can do it all with a push of a button from the Qik and Flixwagon mobile apps.


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