Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, is poised to enhance the virtual meeting experience with its latest app designed for Apple Vision Pro. Set to launch this Friday, the app, developed for visionOS, aims to transform remote interactions into more immersive and engaging experiences.

According to 9to5Mac, a key feature of the new Zoom app is its integration with Apple’s Persona technology. This innovative feature creates a digital representation of users, capturing their facial and hand movements. This development offers a more realistic spatial representation in virtual meetings, fostering a sense of connection and presence among participants. The technology promises to replicate the nuances of in-person interactions, making virtual meetings feel more natural and engaging.

Another addition to the Zoom app is the Spatial Zoom Experience. This feature allows users to adjust the virtual meeting environment to an ideal size, creating a more immersive experience without the need for extra physical equipment. This innovation is particularly beneficial for those seeking to emulate the dynamics of face-to-face meetings.

Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom, highlighted the significance of this new integration. “Zoom on Apple Vision Pro helps teammates stay connected no matter when and where they work, or how they communicate and collaborate,” Hashim stated. “The integration of Zoom on Apple Vision Pro and visionOS extends our platform promise of allowing participants the ultimate meeting experience from anywhere and delivers on our commitment of seamless collaboration and communication.”

Upcoming Zoom features on Apple Vision Pro

Zoom’s upcoming features for Apple Vision Pro are set to transform the way professionals interact in virtual spaces. The 3D Object Sharing capability is particularly exciting for industries like media and design. This feature allows users to share and collaborate on 3D models, offering a more realistic and engaging way to work on creative projects.

In addition to 3D Object Sharing, Zoom is introducing Zoom Team Chat, seamlessly integrated with Zoom Meetings. This integration facilitates streamlined communication, enabling Apple Vision Pro users to effortlessly connect and share information with colleagues directly within the Zoom app.

Another innovative feature is Real-world Pinning. This unique functionality allows users to pin up to five meeting participants in their physical space. By offering the option to remove the background of pinned participants, Zoom enhances the sense of connection and presence, making virtual meetings feel more like real-life interactions.

Zoom for Vision Pro will be available for download from the visionOS App Store starting Friday, marking a step forward in the evolution of remote collaboration.

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