What do Twitter’s API changes mean for developers and users? Adobe no longer offers flash for android devices. And why web publishing is changing — again. 

After the jump read about this week’s top stories on some key topics that are shaping the web – Location, App Stores, and Real-Time Web – plus highlights from six of our channels. Read on for more.

Twitter to Developers: Display Tweets Our Way Or Else

After months of anticipation, Twitter laid out the changes to its API. The message: Twitter does not want any client apps not made by Twitter. More

Developers Are Pissed, Frustrated by New Twitter Decree

Many view the change as the latest move from the company towards tightening its grip and owning the platform. The days of popular third-party services may be numbered. For others, it means manpower and time in order to change. More

RIP Adobe Flash on Android

Adobe announced last year that mobile Flash would no longer be supported on Android beyond version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.More

5 Reasons Why Web Publishing is Changing (Again)

We’re witnessing another sea change in Web publishing. From Pinterest at the beginning of this year to the launch this week of a new product from two Twitter founders, Medium, 2012 has been a year where the norms of publishing are being challenged.More

More Top Stories

Big Brains = Bigger Social Networks

Forget Klout. The real measure of social media prowess turns out to be the size of your brain.More

Why Twitter Just Pushed Developers Aside: To Secure Its Future

Twitter’s long-awaited crackdown on outside apps could prove to be one of the boldest and most controversial moves in its history. But if you consider Twitter’s position, it’s actually reasonable. And it could play an important role in Twitter’s survival.More

AT&T to Spend Tens of Millions to Promote Safe Texting

Texting while driving contributes to nearly 100,000 crashes causing injury or death per year. Loathe to be held responsible for such a grim statistic, AT&T has announced a campaign to stop texting while driving as well as an app to help curb the practice.More

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Effective Instagramming is, first and foremost, about quality. Good composition, interesting angles, worthy subjects and even a bit of humor come into play. As always on social networks, though, when you post is nearly as important as what you post.More

Use This App to Create Anonymous, Disposable Email Addresses

Email addresses are the keys to the kingdom of all our personal data. It’s too bad we had to relearn this lesson last week when Wired’s Mat Honan had the crap hacked out of him.More

What’s the Hardest Thing You Ever Had To Do? Startup Founders Share Their Darkest Moments

We asked a panel of eight successful young entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to reveal the hardest, most wrenching thing they’ve had to do to build their businesses.More

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