Twitter is now rolling out their launch of “Fleets” to various markets. What are “Fleets”? The easiest way to explain this one is to think of it like Instagram stories, but this time it’s for Twitter.

We’ve become accustomed to Facebook stories, Instagram stories, and I presume Twitter felt left out? Well, actually it turns out that people were hesitating in sending out their tweets! Sometimes we want to craft the PERFECT tweet, to enlighten and not be judged. We have all been there.

Twitter has been busy testing this particular feature in Brazil, Italy, India, and South Korea and found it made people more comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas. Something “off the cuff” has less chance of coming back to haunt you is appealing to us.

Now, you can share your idea(s) and know it will disappear after 24 hours. Much like a normal tweet, you can share text, video, or images or you can use both. Future wise Twitter says it will spoil us with live broadcasting and stickers – there are no timescales to these features at the moment.

You can also send users a direct message in response to a fleet. Another feature which has been successfully used on Facebook stories is that you can see who has seen your story and reacted to it.

The Twitter app has been updated globally to support fleets, but this still might not mean your region is able to use it. Here in the UK, I’m still waiting, but hopefully not too long now until I can be less anxious about the contents of my Tweets, sorry, fleets.