Once again, we’re here with the monthly rundown of the most downloaded apps from the Tizen Store. As usual, the month of November 2018 also didn’t bring any BIG good news for the Tizen smartphone users, except for a WhatsApp update. WhatsApp for Tizen got a relatively huge update early in November which helped the App grab a firm hold in the top spot of the most downloaded apps list once again.
Facebook, despite lacking features its Android and iOS counterparts boast, remains the second most downloaded app. Facebook Messenger, meanwhile, is back at third after temporarily losing the spot to a new game, Counter Terror: Pursuit, in October. Below is the list of the top 20 most downloaded apps.

Top 20 most downloaded Tizen apps in November 2018

The month of November saw five new apps making it to the Top 20. The first ten positions, however, belong to the same set of apps that made it to the top 10 of October 2018. Below the usual trio of WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger are Counter Terror: Pursuit, Opera Mini, Hancom Office Viewer, HERE Maps, Temple Run 2, Xender and Railway Run.
CameraACE, a productivity app for high-performance photography, makes a first entry into the Top 20. This, however, also suggests the lack of quality photo editing apps in the Tizen Store. Another new entrant is the classic game we all love, Tic Tac Toe. Diwali is the third new app in the top 20. It’s an educational app explaining the history, etymology and significance of Diwali, a Hindu festival. The festival fell on November this year, and we may not see this app in the top 20 December onward.
Mission Bravo God Mode and Real Carrom are the final two new entrants in the top 20. The list also comprises Instagram, Sweet Candy Fever, Downloader For YouTube, Smart Tutor and Calendar.