Today, we have the list of the Top 20 most downloaded apps from the Tizen Store during June 2018. These apps are compatible with the current range of Tizen mobiles, such as the Samsung Z1Z2Z3, and Z4 mobiles
WhatsApp still remains top of the leaderboard even though there was a serious issue at the end of June. The problem was however addressed via an update, version 2.16.9, that brought with it WhatsApp video calling, which also happens to be the first video calling app on the Tizen mobile platform. Check out the full list below:

WhatsApp Status 2017 (at position 3) and WhatsApp Status (at position 13), have both made it to the Top 20, possibly due to users downloading and Installing them to get by whilst the general WhatsApp issue was resolved.
Some games at the bottom of the Top 20 charts made a welcome visit: Danger Rush, Sky Train, and Roller Coaster Space. Instagram has made significant gains from the last month going up to position 7. Everything else was much of the same really.