Today, we’re presenting you with all with the top twenty apps of July 2018 in the Tizen Store. This means the most downloaded apps that are compatible with the Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4. At the top of our list we have WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp is still dominating the Tizen Store like last month despite the issue at the end of June that was resolved with the next update.
In second place is Facebook (again). Facebook is an online social media that you can use to talk to people you know or look at other people’s posts. But, being honest, did any of us actually need that explanation? I’m pretty sure everyone knows about Facebook in this day and age. Coming in at third place is Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is just like WhatsApp Messenger but you can text the people you’ve added on Facebook (number 2) instead.
Forth place is taken by WhatsApp Status 2017. This apps feature is that you can send videos, photos and GIFs to be sent to people that have you added to their contacts. From last month, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger have swapped places on the leaderboard.
In fifth place is Hancom Office Viewer. Hancom Office Viewer which is one of the very first editing apps in the Tizen Store and is said to be the best one to view and edit documents. From last month, it has gone up by two places.
Below you can find the rest of the dominating apps in the Tizen Store. Congratulations to all the apps that have made it to the top twenty places (which is hard to get to)

Top 20 Best Tizen Apps for July 2018

1. WhatsApp Messenger 2. Facebook
3. Facebook Messenger 4. WhatsApp Status 2017
5.Hancom Office Viewer 6. HERE Maps
7. Opera Mini web browser 8. Xender
9. Hotstar 10. 3D Ball Free
11. Temple Run 2 12. Calendar Balloon Shoot
13. Smart Tutor 14. Instagram
15. Bottle 3D shooting Expert 16. Danger Dash
17. Water Slid Rush 18.Speed Boat 3D
19. Hill Drive 20. X Ray Cloth Scan Camera Prank

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