Our day-to-day lives have shifted dramatically in the past few months. Companies are pivoting their products and marketing while passionate, innovative teams are now working remotely. The fire to stay healthy and productive is lit, but flickering. Here is the best work from home snack box for remote teams.

There are some standard creature comforts we rely on when we work.

We had these classic perks in the office — but now we’re all at home. And we’re hungry all the time. Back in the office, we’d use our break to raid the micro-kitchen to find something to get us through the afternoon slump. Now, we only have our half-empty pantries and fridges to keep us satisfied. You and your team deserve better.

Enter the remote: Snack from Home box.

There are quite a few companies adapting to a new way of business, opting to send boxes of snacks typically reserved for the office to employees at home. Two specific companies that stand out as leaders in healthy snack box delivery? NatureBox and SnackNation.

Here’s a quick overview of the two services to help you choose the right company for you and your remote team.


Known as one of the original healthy snack subscription companies, Naturebox has a membership model that allows 20-40% savings on snacks that actually taste good. While the company has been serving snacks to corporate break rooms for many years, it recently launched a Snack From Home program geared specifically for remote employees.

Naturebox touts four curated box options available like the Less Stress Box and even an allergen-free box. They also give you the opportunity to create custom snack boxes full of precisely what your team needs. In addition to curated snack boxes, you can give your employees the ability to build their own boxes from over 60 different treats to choose from on Naturebox.

One of the unique benefits from Naturebox is that they provide corporate employees a free annual membership worth approximately $50 dollars. This program allows companies to add credit to their employees’ accounts, with an option to provide a monthly stipend to spend on whatever snacks they like.

When it feels like Groundhog Day every day, variety matters. From high-quality roasted, salted almonds to more out-of-the-box options like turmeric black pepper popcorn, you can count on NatureBox for treats that make you feel good.

NatureBox also offers a line of wellness snacks filled with adaptogens — ingredients that help you reduce stress and boost energy. Both traditional and health-minded snackers want to eat wellness snacks. These hand-selected snacks are created by NatureBox, which means you won’t find random brands or artificial ingredients you don’t know or trust in your box.

The takeaway: NatureBox offers great variety, flexible options, truly unique snacks, and great value, especially when you add in the free membership.


SnackNation is another well-known company offering remote snack boxes for teams working from home. This company’s service is a good turnkey option – easy, fast, and convenient. You have three boxes to choose from: The Snack Box, The Super Snack Box, and a smaller Snack Box + Coffee. After you choose, the curators do the rest of the work for you. Curators review hundreds of different snack options to put in their rotation.

The snacks come from a medley of different brands so what you get may change each month. SnackNation is a good option if you like the element of surprise or want to try out new snacks. To those that want to pick their favorites each month, this company’s Snack from Home box experience may be frustrating.

Since the boxes contain single-serve packs, this feels like a fun gift idea rather than something to get monthly. On a positive note, SnackNation is donating meals to Feeding America for every snack box delivered to remote employees. Giving back is always appreciated, especially at a time like this.

The takeaway: SnackNation offers convenience and fun initial experience. This is at the expense of customization and sustainability.

Two honorable mentions go to Fruit Guys and Oh My Green.

Fruit Guys offers wonderful fresh produce boxes for remote employees, but the content of those boxes vary due to availability and seasonality. Oh My Green is also a standout, but feature other brands’ snacks in their boxes rather than its own.


It’s a tough time right now for teams and you want to keep your team in good shape mentally and physically. You just can’t get customized, curated boxes of delicious wellness snacks delivered to your home like you can with NatureBox. For healthy office snacks to fuel your hungry teams — especially while they are working remotely — go to www.naturebox.com/office.

Brad Anderson

Editor In Chief at ReadWrite

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