The Penetration of Artificial Intelligence in Indian Railways

The advancement of railway technologies is meant to accommodate the growing population. Following the expectation coincides with the evolution of digitization. The popular use of online services through the internet allows the integration of everything to provide better services. Everything is computable and predictable by the processing of accumulated data. This leads everyone to think […]

Web Development

9 Web Development Trends to Skip in 2019

The World Wide Web is no longer filled with simple, static web pages. Advances in technology and website development allow users to create interactive, meaningful, and dynamic websites. While there are hundreds of step-by-step references to help you creatively develop your website, fewer resources are telling you what not to do. You may be implementing best […]

close-up look at cables and connections

5G and Blockchain: What to Expect

5G and blockchain are two potentially disruptive technologies that could shape the future of technology and telecommunications. The 5G rollout has already begun in select cities in the U.S. Global coverage is expected to follow in 2020 with the technology becoming ubiquitous in the following years. With 5G and blockchain, here’s what to expect. In […]