6 iot trends 2018

Trends That Will Elevate The IoT Influence In 2018

The trends of the Internet of Things connectivity were widely received and adopted in 2016-17. In 2018 more ideas and actual complex issues will be addressed and rise to their next tier of actualization. Due to the fact that devices can represent themselves digitally, monitoring them becomes easier so that data streaming in real time takes a […]

Cadillac ATS Delivers American Automotive Innovation

In January, The New York Times wondered aloud why Apple did not make the iPhone in America. The story heaped a torrent of commentary and scrutiny on Silicon Valley’s most valuable company. Whether you think manufacturing in the U.S. is right or not for Apple, Cadillac is proving that American-made technology can compete with the best.

Would You Take A Tech Job That’s Been Open For 6 Months?

Just as many companies won’t hire the unemployed, new research suggests workers may tend to avoid jobs that have been open too long. A look at high-growth areas like Silicon Valley reveals some big disconnects between the expectations of tech job employers and job seekers – leaving many positions open and many professionals unemployed. 

10 Ways Startups Can Track Trends: And Why It’s So Important

Staying on top of trends is key to any startup’s success. Spotting trends early makes it possible tocome up with smart startup ideas – or modify your startup plans to jump on a new trend just as it takes off. Just as most important, you can avoid the risk of starting a business based on a trend that’s just about to fizzle out. Fortunately…

Teen Sexting Really Does Mean Teen Sex

For all the parental and media hand-wringing, sexting remains a poorly studied phenomenon. But according to new peer-reviewed research, that concern might not be unfounded. Teen texts are indeed ablaze with sexual content – but how does technology-based sexual activity intersect with actual behavior?