The business environment began to change dramatically after the 2019 pandemic. PNAS surveyed 5,800 small businesses and found that 43% were temporarily closed. Since all enterprises wanted to survive in the Covid circumstances, they were looking for their own ways to hit customers and profits. The audience became whimsical, and the companies had to fight for each potential customer.

Now small businesses and startups have to compete with large corporations that have weathered the crisis of 2019 and know the secrets of attracting buyers. To stay afloat and even scale your business, you need to monitor customers’ needs and create favorable purchasing conditions.

Small business owners are adopting trending techniques to avoid wasting their time on marketing schemes with no guarantees. Business trends increase the flow of people and allow you to compete with large organizations.

Sales and Social Media

Social networks are a real breakthrough of the 21st century. According to Smart Insights, the number of social media users globally grew from 4.2 billion in January 2021 to 4.62 billion in January 2022. Just a few years ago, people used apps for communication and leisure, but now they are massively downloading them for work and shopping. Digital technologies have made life easier for people, and today, you can even buy food online.

This feature has become popular, and experts believe you do not have a business if your business is not online.

In 2022, it has become necessary for both a startup and a large enterprise to increase their visibility on social networks. The most popular platforms remain Instagram and Facebook, but quite recently, entrepreneurs have discovered Tik Tok. If a company has to invest in targeted advertising and marketing on Instagram, then TikTok promotes a business for free. All you need is to make a quality content plan and publish a video about the product or the company.

Statista notes that in 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day. So, your potential audience will see your social networks with the right marketing strategy. If they are satisfied with the page design and product quality — they will quickly make a purchase and even recommend you to their friends.

You can track the effectiveness of this method by statistical data. Statista reports that ad spending in the social media advertising segment will reach US$226.00bn in 2022.

Business Software Development

Software is essential for those who want to grow and develop. You can implement a platform for customer service (website, application) or software for the company’s internal work (CRM system, task messenger, etc.). Using the software at work, you get:

  • secure data storage;
  • product advertising;
  • improved user experience;
  • optimization of employee’s work;
  • fast communication with the client;
  • increasing customer engagement.

Most customers visit social media and the company’s website before making an offline purchase to check the brand reputation and read reviews. The site is your business card, showing that you have many years of experience in doing business and are competent in serving people.

Thanks to the business software, you increase the audience’s loyalty. With the app, you show users who you are by showcasing your products, your team, and testimonials from satisfied customers. This way, you can easily and quickly inform buyers about company updates, making them part of a closed community.

One of the main advantages of creating business software is to increase sales through marketing. Thrivemyway says that 43% of brands will improve their content marketing budgets in 2022. You can start advertising your services on the Internet and get a response from a new audience, allowing you to invest even more in the project.

A website or an app is essential for every business, regardless of size. The sooner you can create the perfect platform that reflects your characteristics, the sooner you will see growth and become more competitive.

Individual Customer Support

Every business exists because of its clients. Customer service specialists develop new techniques to interest the audience and push them to buy. It can be promotions, bonuses, gifts, and much more. But the first and most important stage is communication.

You cannot underestimate the importance of each client. In the case of poor service, you lose income and lower loyalty to your brand. In the 21st century, a person can leave a review on different platforms with different audiences. It means it will bring you thousands of dollars in losses.

Companies began using the software for high-quality and fast communication with users. They can order chatbot development for their websites or as separate applications. Here are the advantages of chatbots.

Optimized Customer Experience

Chatbots answer frequently asked questions to thousands of customers at once. They collect information and pass it on to specialists who place orders or contact the buyer personally. It saves time and helps serve as many customers as possible.

Data Tracking

Using customer requests and feedback, an enterprise can create an advertising campaign, add a site section, or add new products to the range. This information will show how best to sell your product and what needs the audience currently has.

Customer Base Expansion

By answering questions, chatbots can push the customer to make a purchase. If your chatbot processes all incoming requests quickly, you will see how your buyer base expands and sales growth. This software also provides information about user questions and wishes to the sales department. Thanks to the information received, specialists can build a competent interaction chain with consumers and know in advance their every action. With a chatbot, you can create your brand communication feature and find your main difference from other companies in your niche.

The popularity of chatbots continues to grow every day. Based on Chatbot data, 80% of customers who have used chatbots report a positive experience. Since competition in the market forces companies to introduce new techniques to provide quality service, chatbots are becoming an integral business part.

Why You Should Follow Business Trends

Those companies that follow business trends are leaders in their niche, regardless of their size and market entry date. Business trends help you learn new things and constantly develop, influencing sales and profit growth. Corporations bypassing the client’s changing needs will not stay afloat for long. Incorporating trends into their business allows entrepreneurs to predict the market’s future for years.

Do not be afraid to improve your project and use the latest technologies. Enhancing service quality is the boom of the 21st century. By following relevant business ideas, you will be able to scale and break away from competitors in a short time. Seek help from experts and try tips that have made more than one company successful.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Anders Kristensen; Pexels; Thank you!

Elina Nazarova

Chief Marketing Officer of Powercode

Elina is accountable for digital strategy development and implementation. She is certified in business and startups development and has more than 5 years of experience in content writing and management. Her core belief is that well-designed digital transformation is able to lead any business to success.