The Luxembourg Appeal

The Luxembourg Appeal

Luxembourg is a country which prides itself on its individuality and welcoming mentality. The origin of the nation’s motto says it all: Kommt hier aus Frankräich, Belgie, Preisen —  Come here from France, Belgium, Prussia, Mir wellen iech ons Hémecht weisen              —  We want to show you our fatherland Frot dir no alle Säiten […]

Adobe sees VR and wearables as next great travel disruptors

A recent report from Adobe Digital Insights claims that augmented and virtual reality, along with wearable technology, will be the newest travel industry disruptors. Mentions of wearable gadgets for traveling went up by 44% after the Ocean Medallion was introduced by Princess Cruises back in January.  The Ocean Medallion is a small device that can […]


Could connected shoes help tourists travel cities?

Travelling in an unfamiliar city has never been easier with mapping applications like Google Maps and Apple Maps storing hundreds of thousands of restaurants, places to see, and activity centers for tourists to check out while on holiday. However, the experience of pulling out your phone every two minutes to check you are still going […]