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Autonomous Cars Will Need “Autonomous Maintenance” Solutions

Competition has begun heating up as to who will be the first one to operate a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles, as demonstrated again by recent announcements from General Motors (GM) and Uber.  However, a lot of work is still needed to allow such vehicles to roam freely throughout our city centers, neighborhoods and freeways, […]


Toyota, Intel, and Ericsson create connected car data consortium

Denso, Ericsson, Intel, NTT Docomo, and Toyota have formed the Automotive Edge Computing consortium, a new association dedicated to building an ecosystem for connected car data. Bringing millions of cars online will require a major overhaul of road infrastructure, alongside new networking standards and data centers to send, receive, and store data. See Also: U.K. […]

Chinese auto group invests millions in next-gen cars

China’s Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd, known as GAC Group, announced at their recent board of directors meeting that they plan to spend $88 million on a new subsidiary focused on electric vehicles. The new subsidiary will be known as Guangzhou Automobile New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. The first registered capital will be half of […]


Toyota research division unveils first autonomous test vehicle

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) unveiled its first autonomous test vehicle this week at the Prius challenge event in Sonoma, California. The Japanese automaker will modify the Lexus LS 600hL, outfitting it with LIDAR, radar, cameras, and other sensors to recognize all objects and movement on the road. See Also: Boston seaport becoming a testbed for […]

Japan Toyota Self Driving Cars

Toyota gets into its first-pick schools, spends millions on AI

Toyota has announced a new partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, aimed at accelerating the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. The Japanese car maker will pump $50 million into newly formed research centers at MIT and Stanford. Any developments will be shared with Toyota, and could be adapted to […]

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Boston seaport becoming a testbed for autonomous vehicles

Private parties owning lots in Boston’s Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park have been enabling autonomous vehicle testing on their property for the past year. The land was paved, yet undeveloped. This made it a perfect testbed for autonomous vehicles. This enabled companies working to perfect autonomous car technologies to test their creations in a controlled environment […]


Toyota steers millions into U. Michigan AI project

Toyota has pledged $22 million to a four year artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous driving project led by the University of Michigan. The investment will be spread throughout the four years and go towards all sorts of tech projects, including stair climbing wheelchairs, cameras for blind people, and autonomous cars. See Also: Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and […]

Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda lead the autonomous car race

Automakers have spent the majority of 2016 announcing their plans for self-driving and the future of automation, but while some just begin to prototype systems, others are soaring ahead of the pack. Research and advisory firm Lux Research has charted the 12 major automakers on business execution and technical value, and noted if the company […]

JFE Steel rolls out industrial IoT to harmonize plants

JFE Steel, the fifth largest steel maker in the world, will standardize its core platform across all factories, using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect factories together for better management. JFE Holdings, the parent company of JFE Steel, plans to spend $652 million to bring IoT to its factories by 2022. It says that […]

Google’s self-driving car lab rolls into Motor City

In a move geared toward driving its autonomous vehicle program further down the road, tech giant Google will open a self-driving car technology center in the Detroit area. As reported on the Yahoo! Tech site Google is launching an advanced facility in Novi, Michigan for engineers and other specialists to test cars for its self-driving […]


Google not embarrassed to self-drive Fiat Chrysler minivan

Google has announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler, which will double the size of the company’s autonomous fleet to 200 cars. Fiat will provide 100 Chrysler Pacifica vans to Google. The vans will be fitted with all of Google’s autonomous technology and will join the other 100 cars in California for road testing. The two […]


Who’s the Japanese firm with half of the self-driving car market?

Self-driving cars might be the next major automotive battlefield and Japanese manufacturer Nippon Ceramic is taking early advantage of the buzz with a sensor that costs less than $1. The manufacturer is an unlikely leader in the self-driving market, currently accounting for 50 percent of all sensor sales. Several car manufacturers use the ultrasonic sensor […]

How much more hype can Tesla’s Model 3 get?

Tesla says it’s received 325,000 reservations of the Model 3 as of the morning of April 7. By the time you read this, they’ll probably have convinced thousands more to put down a $1,000 deposit for the opportunity to spend another $34,000 in two years on what is regarded as a great car. And never […]

Toyota works on connected cars deep in heart of Texas

Toyota has announced plans to open a new division called Toyota Connected in the United States, focused on building new car technology and humanizing technology added into cars. The new division will be located in Plano, Texas, and will employ around 100 people. Toyota has purchased a 20,000 square foot factory to test the new […]


Yamaha ramps up autonomous motorbike efforts

In the growing race to emerge the leader in self-driving technology, Yamaha hopes the third time is the charm as it attempts to break into the car market and to incorporate self-driving technology into motorcycles. However, the firm’s CEO acknowledges that it will most likely take close to a decade to bring the autonomous technology to […]