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Big Data in the Telecommunications Ecosystem

Big data analysis is the next innovative technique that the telecommunications (telecom) sector is deploying. Big data will tame the telecommunications abundance of data, and enable harvesting information “gold” from existing data storage. We know that Big data includes paper as well as innovating new ways of collecting numerous touch-points of data. Telecoms have always […]


Not Just Connectivity, Telecom Must Leverage the Most of IoT to Deliver Value-Based Services

Thanks to ‘all things smart and intelligent,” from interactive fitness trackers and smart thermostats to driverless vehicles and connected smart kitchens, the Internet of Things (IoT) has witnessed increased adoption- to make our lives smarter and more interactive, in recent years. As the Internet of Things continues to pervade the enterprise and consumer worlds, according […]

Are telecoms being overlooked in smart city deployments?

Are telecoms being overlooked in smart city deployments?

Communications and networking might be overlooked by smart cities, missing out on the potential capabilities of partnering with telecoms to build “heterogeneous networks” that deliver service to multiple platforms. The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) claims — in its latest report titled “The Central Role of Telecoms in the Smart City” — that emerging technologies […]

LG U+ Joins Tizen Association

  LG U+ is the latest firm to become a member of the Tizen Association. The Tizen Association has changed the membership of 12 firms from being members of the Tizen Association to belonging to the Board of Directors. These 12 companies are Fujitsu , Huawei , Intel , KT Mobile , LG U+ , NTT […]