New Study: TikTok Industry Engagement Benchmarks for 2022

With its new, game-changer vision of a video-exclusive social media platform and features like live sessions, Duets or Stitches, and many others, while also being the fastest growing network, TikTok has rapidly become the number one platform that has stolen people’s hearts. Thanks to its tremendous marketing potential, having more and more businesses taking up […]


What Brands Should Know About Twitch Influencers

We’ve long been aware of gaming’s transition from pastime to multi-billion-dollar industry but 2020 has seen the live-streaming community grow tenfold. In October 2020, 1.6 billion hours were watched across Amazon-owned gaming platform Twitch, the highest the platform has ever seen, and almost double the 839 million hours watched in October 2019. What Brands Should […]

paid social media

Importance of Paid Social Media

With smartphones and laptops becoming an everyday essential, anything that is available or can be viewed and purchased through your mobile becomes an instant hit. Also, social media is the new habituate to today’s populate. Want to reach people? Put it on social media, because that is where you can find a lot of audiences. […]

marketing strategies

Top 7 Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore in 2021

It is a fact that marketing is the backbone for a strong and prominent business. This helps businesses evolve and become better by introducing new and effective strategies. Marketing also tends to work on the most delicate projects and bring the highest revenues from them. Marketing is the best way to give a product the […]

multichannel marketing

How to Optimize Multichannel Marketing for 2020

Multichannel marketing remains one of the most purposeful and effective methods to streamline customer interactions. Meeting your business expectations takes an understanding of the key factors that influence one of the most trusted and cohesive methods used in marketing today. Multichannel marketing can help generate revenue through cross-channel communication, including digital commerce, social media, mobile […]

customer support faster

How to Provide Customer Support on Social Media Faster

Providing customer support on social media isn’t optional for brands these days. When it takes days or weeks to get a reply on social media, your customers lose interest in your brand, which can ruin your reputation. The days when using phone calls were enough to provide customer support are far behind us. Over the […]

digial marketing strategy

8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Should Implement

In the last decade, things went from offline to online. People are now searching for clothes on e-commerce websites instead of looking for some stores. Businesses are taking their online presence seriously. Moreover, people are creating millions of dollars through different online services. Here are the eight best digital marketing strategies small businesses should implement. […]