iot healthcare tech converge

IoT and Healthcare Technologies Converge for Better Patient Care

The healthcare sector is thriving by making health services and medical system more efficient for patients. The integration of technological advancements and the convergence of emerging technologies have expanded the reach of proactive and preventive care worldwide. Still, there is a lot of room left for improving healthcare facilities and enhancing the sharing of the […]

cybersecurity business threats

Cybersecurity, Modern Technology and Business Threats

The year 2020 is overcome with the COVID-19. But the virus isn’t the only threat to our security. 2020 is also set to revolutionize the world with advancements that will shape the future of lives and businesses, alike. We now have 5G and IoT to Artificial Intelligence, Cloud technology, and Machine Learning. These technologies will […]

ai and big data

IoT Can Put Your Data at Risk, Here’s How

IoT has progressively made its way into the day-to-day lives of both individuals and businesses. From cars to coffee makers to smart factories, the devices that surround us are becoming increasingly connected. The benefits of bringing IoT into our homes and offices are numerous. We have increased efficiency, improved communication, and greater productivity, to cite […]

Can Artificial Intelligence Humanize Patient Care?

One of the big battles being waged in healthcare today centers around the limited amount of genuinely personalized care available for a large number of patients who need it. The challenge requires physicians and facilities to extend their reach while somehow also deepening it. Artificial intelligence could be healthcare’s unlikely rescuer. With its innate ability to […]

iot on 5G

Mind-Blowing Possibilities Created by 5G-Enhanced IoT

We all know 5G and IoT have been making a splash since 2016. However,  we won’t see its standard commercial network until later in 2020. But now that the time has arrived let’s see what possibilities IoT and 5G will create together. Here are the mind-blowing possibilities created by 5G-enhanced I0T. A Brief History of […]

iot and home automation

IoT and Home Automation – Is it the Future?

For decades, we’ve been dreaming about a futuristic lifestyle. But now, this fantasy is finally within grasp. In fact, the concept of home automation has been around for some time. It rose to fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s. As the internet and technological advancements exploded, the development of appliances linked to computers […]

workplace environment

Creating the Ideal Workplace Environment

As technology continues to improve, we’re seemingly able to control almost every aspect of our lives through smart devices we carry with us everywhere, such as our smartphones. Software applications that allow us to order transportation easily, access our home security cameras while on vacation and even pay bills during our commute. The same expectations […]

iot in 2020

What Can We Expect for IoT in 2020

As the new year rapidly approaches, it’s exciting to think about how technologies will grow and change. The Internet of Things has experienced massive growth in the past few years, and 2020 will seemingly be no different. Worldwide, the number of active IoT devices is expected to be at 10 billion by 2020. Here is […]

iot business cases

5 IoT Business Case Examples and What They Teach Us

What seemed to be a wave turned out to be a tsunami. IoT is communicating in various areas with an appeal and demand stronger than before. The technology is massively virulent, amassing most of the tech domain in advance. The Internet has pulled off the conventional means of retrieving information and services. Here are five […]

IoT rule the world

Will the Internet of Things Ever Rule the World?

Every possible entity, whether it is a machine, a satellite, an object that performs their tasks independently using the internet as a medium, has to transfer relevant data. IoT has been the latest leap of faith made by humans. We are basically allotting essential responsibilities to intelligent machines. But, will the internet of things (IoT) […]

oT Changes Banks and FinTech Companies

How IoT Changes Banks and FinTech Companies

Can financial services benefit from the Internet of Things? Absolutely, and to the fullest extent. Not only for gathering more and better data about assets but IoT also changes the way we access banking and manage wealth, invest, and monitor assets.  Let’s see how IoT changes banks and FinTech companies. To improve efficiency and customer service, […]