Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta

Yash Mehta is an internationally recognized IoT, M2M and Big Data technology expert. He has written a number of widely acknowledged articles on Data Science, IoT, Business Innovation, Cognitive intelligence, Tools, Security technologies, Business strategies, Development etc. His articles have been featured in the most authoritative publications and awarded as one of the most innovative and influential works in the connected technology industry by IBM and Cisco IoT department.

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thought leadership essential for brands

Why Thought Leadership is Essential for all Brands to Reach Market

In today’s world, thought leadership marketing has emerged as the leading method for brands to establish their authority and grow drastically. There are numerous marketers who have started using this strategy to expand their brand, boost brand awareness while also increasing market share. If you’ve underestimated the value of thought leadership, you might be completely […]

Condition Monitoring Crucial to Industry 4.0

The world is now at the dawn of fourth industrial revolution or better known as Industry 4.0 – the transition from computerized systems to cyber-physical systems, enabled by technologies like the Internet of Things, Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence. In the strictest sense, Industry 4.0 is the integration of new technologies into the current industrial […]

supply chain from cloudleaf

IoT solution to supply chain management

From the nearest local supermarket to the biggest retail or e-commerce companies like Amazon, the one thing they share in common is the same thing that makes them a class apart and it is supply chain management (SCM). In this increasingly connected and globalized world, almost every product from coffee mugs, toothbrushes, apparels to cars, […]

rise of crypto platforms

The rise of crypto powered business platforms

Be it the budding investors making millions of dollars from cryptocurrency or businesses hailing its high data security capability, my attraction for Blockchain grew exponentially when I learned devices could repair themselves in near time future. That’s a theory combining Blockchain and Internet of Things leading to a collaboration for a stunningly innovative world. As for now, nothing […]

6 iot trends 2018

Trends That Will Elevate The IoT Influence In 2018

The trends of the Internet of Things connectivity were widely received and adopted in 2016-17. In 2018 more ideas and actual complex issues will be addressed and rise to their next tier of actualization. Due to the fact that devices can represent themselves digitally, monitoring them becomes easier so that data streaming in real time takes a […]