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IoT, AI Can Help Education Weather the Covid-19 Storm

It’s no question that Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and AI are transforming the world of education. But present circumstances —  namely the Covid-19 pandemic — are offering the potential for IoT and AI to make even greater inroads in all fields. In the education field, from elementary school all the way through college — […]

How is AI Transforming the Education Tech Space?

Education has transformed into big-business in the recent COVID times. The US ranks 17th in education performance and 7th as the most literate country in the world. The literacy rate has increased up to 86% in the US. Primary, secondary and higher studies are seeing great improvements, and breaking records almost every year. Here is […]

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AI Won’t Fix Education, but it Can Help

Now more than ever, our teachers need help. Faced with an unprecedented crisis of having to move all instruction online in a matter of weeks, everyone is figuring out the new playbook for teaching in the 21st century. Here is artificial intelligence, and education — AI won’t fix education, but it can help. One of […]

Coding Boot Camps Produce Talent but Leave Many on the Sidelines

To say coding boot camps have exploded in popularity is a bit of an understatement. The in-person sector of the industry has experienced a 705% overall growth rate since 2013, according to a Course Report study. Coding boot camps currently bring in over $300 million annually and will graduate upward of 23,000 students just this year. The growth […]

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Is Artificial Intelligence the Ultimate University Stimulus?

What does it take to make the university the best learning experience in the lifecycle of one’s education? Higher education is all about developing skills, exploring new theories, and applying them to the actualities of real life. Throughout this journey, students are encouraged to stay on top of their workload, study, and complete assessments all […]

Adjust Your Mindset for Success

Adjust Your Mindset for Success

Everything starts with your mindset. It’s the foundation to your successful skill set. You can adjust your mindset for success. Let me tell you a story about adjusting your mindset. Back in 2011 I was leaving one of the top Investment Banks in the world (after six solid years). The reason? I was surplus to […]

Virtual Tech Resources For Teaching Math

To help today’s students improve their math skills, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) recommends leveraging technology to engage students. Technology can address different learning styles, plus it provides a way to make learning more entertaining. Thanks to the ever-advancing technology landscape, there are even more virtual tech resources available for mathematics now […]

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IoT and applications: Truly the “internet of everything”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing like wildfire. Consumer education around this new basket of technologies is critical, since it basically describes a product category that can — and often does — include virtually every “thing” we interact with in our lives. Your car, refrigerator, door locks, and even your toilet seat are capable […]

Will wearables be commonplace in classrooms?

Will wearables be commonplace in classrooms?

Adoption of wearables in U.S. classrooms will supposedly grow at 46 percent annually till 2020, as more schools start to test virtual and augmented reality, fitness and location trackers. Research firm Technavio says that like iPads, wearables will become commonplace in the classroom, providing students with ways to enhance their learning and have a more […]

IoT making kids and schools smarter

In a recent survey of more than 600 IT leaders from K-12 and higher-education organizations, almost half  – 46 percent – reported that they believe Internet of Things (IoT) technology will transform the way students learn at their schools within the next two years. An Internet of Things Smart School is a concept describing a […]