Sophia Loren

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Sophia Loren is a content writer at TutorEye , the platform that provides online tuition courses to students in an interactive manner like whiteboard classes at affordable prices. She is an avid reader and loves to write about education, child psychology and finance.

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How is AI Transforming the Education Tech Space?

Education has transformed into big-business in the recent COVID times. The US ranks 17th in education performance and 7th as the most literate country in the world. The literacy rate has increased up to 86% in the US. Primary, secondary and higher studies are seeing great improvements, and breaking records almost every year. Here is […]

New Wave of Online Education: Helping Quiet Children Flourish

People have different personalities. Along with varies other parts of an individual’s make-up, a personality is what leads children to respond differently to learning. These differences in personalities determine their specific needs. It is necessary to meet these needs in order for the child to be successful. There is a new wave of online education […]