Best B2B Online Websites that Sells for You 24-7

The eCommerce industry has grown at a rapid pace in the past year. After the pandemic hit the world, all b2b companies had to go online to maintain their business. Traditional trading was being replaced by online trading. No one ever thought that trading will be merged with online technology in the future. The trader […]

name your price negotiations

How Negotiations are Mutually Beneficial in the Age of eCommerce

Popular online shopping sites like Nordstrom, Best Buy, and other retailers give their store managers the power to share deals on prices. In addition, other retailers like Staples, Toys R Us, and Target offer price matching policies on their merchandise. Clearly, this is quite a heavily promotional environment. And with the increasing price comparison tools […]


6 Smart Insights You Can Use to Guide Your eCommerce

When eCommerce revenue hit $700 billion in 2017, statistics confirmed how rapid and constantly it will grow by 23 percent year over year. Meanwhile, this has always been the hope for eCommerce owners. Amazon is a prominent example; this company has confirmed how fast the shopping world is going. Amazon first launched back in 1994, […]

Top eCommerce Trends

7 Top eCommerce Trends in 2020 to Look Out For

Trends are always changing, and it does not matter in which niche or industry you belong to. If you are not keeping up with the trends — you’re going to lag behind. Trends are the most critical issue you can keep track of across every industry out there — including eCommerce. As we have stepped […]

future of mobile shopping

How Voice Search is Changing the Future of Shopping

The continuous growth of e-commerce businesses like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon is a clear indication that the consumers’ preference for online shopping is here to stay. Consumers love to explore their options and buy what they need without physically visiting a store. But the emergence of voice-activated devices and voice search is redefining how shopping […]


Ecommerce: How to Survive its Troughs

On the topic of ecommerce, one wonders to what extent this business model is applicable, and where is it likely to end? This is the prime question that goes through most online retailers, entrepreneurs today. It’s the extent of this phenomenon that has resulted in soaring businesses across the world. Some of the many ecommerce […]

online shopping

How Online Shopping is Evolving with the Times

Consumers are increasingly making high-consideration purchases online, and I believe this is a pivotal shift in the commerce landscape that will force retailers to rethink their customer experiences both online and in-store. Content will be key. Traditionally, high-consideration purchases happened solely in stores. When you think about a high-consideration purchase you’re talking anything that you […]

gen z demand for digital speed

CIOs can Meet Gen Z’s Demand for Digital Speed

The cohort of Americans born between 1996 and 2010, often called Generation Z or Gen Zers is the first generation to have grown up in a truly digital world. They don’t know a life without smartphones, social media, or on-demand entertainment. They expect technology to work seamlessly — and when it doesn’t, they don’t use […]

ecommerce ux

Ecommerce UX Best Practices to Follow

Ecommerce sales are expected to double between 2016 and 2020. The research study by BigCommerce claims that 96% of U.S. buyers with internet access have made an online purchase in their life, while 80% of them have ecommerce purchases at least monthly. However, with the growth of online retail, customers’ demands have changed. Did you […]

What is WooCommerce?

What is WooCommerce?

If you’ve been keeping up with ecommerce trends, you might have heard that over the last few years, more and more people are doing their shopping online. In 2018, 51% of UK consumers said they prefer shopping online – this is the prevailing global trend. As a business, it is an excellent opportunity and a […]

eCommerce can be revolutionize by AR and VR

AR and VR Set to Revolutionize E-Commerce

It is obvious that any technology that helps to attract more customer engagement and increases the sale is likely to be more selected by the e-commerce companies. Most of the technology innovations which drive incremental improvements will be packaged and sold as a niche product. A technology that touches core human experience and changes human […]

How eCommerce Businesses can Take Advantage of AI

In the last year, the eCommerce industry has expanded by over 25 percent, and this boom is projected to continue. With such a wealth of eCommerce businesses, and competition set to become even more fierce, staying visible and relevant has never been such a challenge for online retailers. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has […]