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Data is the Future of Brand Identity

Brands have always used a host of different tools, from advertising to product design, to clearly define themselves to their audiences. They understand that without communicating their voice, values, mission and approach, many brands would feel largely interchangeable. Sure, Nike makes sneakers and apparel for athletes, with a message that speaks to speed, design, and […]

How AI Can Shape the Future of UX

Artificial intelligence (AI) gathers data to interpret and predict human behavior, and user experience (UX) does the same thing — it reads human behavior to anticipate what people will do next. With the same end goal in mind, AI has the power to shape the future of UX, offering new insights and context to the […]

What are the major barriers to UK smart cities?

A recent report commissioned by streetlight design and manufacturing company Lucy Zodion has found significant barriers to smart city development in the UK. The report contains research into the opinions on smart cities of senior contacts from councils across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The in-depth interviews conducted in May and June 2016 gauged the appetite […]

Is smart tech “a solution looking for a problem?”

Is smart tech “a solution looking for a problem?”

Smart cities are becoming all the more common, but not everyone is impressed. Maarten Hajer, chief curator of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2016, said that smart technology is “a solution looking for a problem.” In particular, Hajer refutes the idea that smart technology adoption is inevitable. He also argues that designers and architects aren’t […]


Will IoT change how we interact with mobile apps?

Mobile apps try to keep you glued on the screen for as long as possible, but in the future these experiences will become focused and unified, as they interact more seamlessly to become extensions of your IoT system. That’s according to Frank Palermo, the VP of digital solutions at Virtusa, who says the growth in […]

Which Came First—Product Utility Or Design?

Which Came First—Product Utility Or Design?

All design should be about utility. What makes a product have great design is how your customer feels when they use it. Some of that feel comes from how the product looks, but so much more comes from how usable and frictionless the product experience is. When looking at industrial design, there’s been a lot […]