Ransomware Negotiation Work

How Does a Ransomware Negotiation Work?

Criminals have always held people hostage to get what they want. In the modern digital world, they prefer stealing data to force consumers or corporations to pay top dollar for its return — and unfortunately, ransomware isn’t going away anytime soon. Often, victims need their data back; but without backups, their options typically dwindle to […]

Cybersecurity Career

Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?

Cyber Security is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with no signs of slowing down, but Is Cyber Security a Good Career? As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, the need for Cyber Security professionals to protect their data and systems is more critical than ever. But what are the opportunities available within […]

microsoft iot in action

Security Elements and Requirements for IoT: Keep it Safe!

The more devices we have linked to the network, the greater the need to consider the security elements and requirements for IoT accessories. 6 Security Elements to Consider for IoT Devices Connectivity is critical to your IoT project’s success. IoT networks are by their very nature complicated, and cybercriminals can intercept them in a variety […]

Cybersecurity in private Sector

What the Cybersecurity Executive Order Means for the Private Sector

Companies and governments have suffered from delaying the fundamental cybersecurity overhauls necessary to defend against increasingly sophisticated and common attacks for too long. The Executive Order As a response to this threat landscape, President Joe Biden issued an executive order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, specifically with Zero Trust security architecture. In a White House memo that followed […]

Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Workers

Remote working has undoubtedly helped us sail through the pandemic by following the necessary protocol of social distancing, but with this increased independence comes an increased need for security. The absence of foolproof Cybersecurity measures at the employee’s remote workplace poses a serious threat to information security and shared data over unsecured networks. Cybersecurity Tips […]

Cybersecurity Assessment

Overcoming Cybersecurity Assessment and Audit Confusion

Cybersecurity has become the most critical concern of this digital world. We have seen 160 million data compromise victims in the latest reports, much higher than the previous year’s records. The primary reason behind this dramatic rise is unsecured cloud databases. A Call for All Businesses to Conduct Cybersecurity Audits Don’t you think it’s a […]

IoT fun facts

IoT – It Just Isn’t Safe – But it Can Be

As an increasing number of companies aim for comprehensive digital transformation, the need for increased connectivity and the adoption of IoT are matched only by the proliferation of cybercriminals – both the masterminds and the crime-as-a-service purchasers, whose main target is exploiting IoT devices, with their ultimate goal being attacking the entire organization. IoT devices […]

Safely Dispose of Your Old Tech Devices

Technology is always evolving, resulting in the introduction of improved gadgets. OK, great…but how do you safely dispose of your old tech? Tech trash is becoming a major headache for businesses. In addition to rising costs, the social costs and reputation damage associated with improper disposal of e-waste are becoming more than many are willing […]

IT service delivery

How Teams Can Raise Up IT Service Delivery Post-COVID

Before the coronavirus pandemic, employees appreciated their IT colleagues. When COVID-19 struck, however, more workers than ever before recognized that without technologically savvy team members, their workflows would stumble, falter, or even fail. Why? Because we all immediately (and more than ever before) came to rely on technology in business. Are you one of those […]

Windows attacked by PrintNightmare ransomware attack

Windows attacked by PrintNightmare ransomware attack

Windows is a good platform in general, but Windows users take note, over multiple versions of your OS an exploit was just found. This could lead to hackers taking remote control on your computer and modifying data. This ransomware attack, named PrintNightmare, can be made with the help of the Windows Print Spooler service. This […]


Passwordless Authentication: The New Shift in Cybersecurity Bound to Revolutionize Fintech

Cybersecurity is a great concern for every organization that has even the littlest digital presence today. But even more for the financial services sector, because of the sensitivity of the information companies in the sector deals with. More so, 19% of cyber attacks target FinTech. The New Shift in Cybersecurity Bound to Revolutionize Fintech As […]

New FluBot Malware Hiding in SMS Messages

New FluBot Malware Hiding in SMS Messages

People are using SMS messages to steal people’s passwords that attack specifically Android devices. Experts have warned the public to stay away from any unusual text messages. When the malware is installed, FluBot, will collect all passwords and send them back to the company it originated from, and even worse, it will collect all contacts […]