Zac Amos

Zac is the Features Editor at ReHack, where he covers tech trends ranging from cybersecurity to IoT and anything in between.

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AI Decision-Making in Cybersecurity

Can We Trust AI Decision-Making in Cybersecurity?

As technology advances and becomes a more integral part of the modern world, cybercriminals will learn new ways to exploit it. The cybersecurity sector must evolve faster. Could artificial intelligence (AI) be a solution for future security threats? What is AI Decision-Making in Cybersecurity? AI programs can make autonomous decisions and implement security efforts around […]

Hardware in IoT Security

Don’t Forget Hardware in IoT Security

It’s easy to find cybersecurity software solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to make your life effortless. However, many people forget about the hardware. Software solutions can monitor and manage your IoT devices but don’t necessarily address the underlying problem — these items aren’t secure in their own right. That’s why you should look […]

Ransomware Negotiation Work

How Does a Ransomware Negotiation Work?

Criminals have always held people hostage to get what they want. In the modern digital world, they prefer stealing data to force consumers or corporations to pay top dollar for its return — and unfortunately, ransomware isn’t going away anytime soon. Often, victims need their data back; but without backups, their options typically dwindle to […]