chatbots or humans

Do People Prefer Chatbots or Humans? It Depends.

Chatbots are seemingly taking over the internet and mobile applications. First-time visitors to a site or app now are often greeted by a cheery chatbot seeking to answer questions or guide them through an onboarding process. When site or app users have problems, retailers, banks, and other businesses are asking users if they want to […]

chatbot persona

The Ultimate Guide On How To Develop Your Bot Persona?

Every bot has a voice, but does every bot have a personality? Do bots even need a persona? It’s no secret that conversational interfaces make conversational interfaces enjoyable, but what do you think? Conversation interfaces are created for better interactions between humans and machines. When the conversations are human-like, the experience becomes more interesting when […]

ai customer service

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Customer Service Industry

The achievement of any business organization is highly dependent on its customer relationship strategies. Client experience is exceptionally organized in any business. Consumer loyalty is profoundly impacted by the change brought about by the dynamic technologies. With the progression of technological advances, such as AI (artificial intelligence), NLP (natural language processing), Intelligent Chatbot, and ML […]

5 WhatsApp Business features to Elevate Customer Experience

WhatsApp rolled out an additional feature called interactive message template a month back for WhatsApp Business API. As the name suggests, this feature allows one to include interactive components to messaging like a button. WhatsApp Business Account users can now build two types of pre-defined buttons: Call-To-Action: The call-to-action button enables users to either call […]

5 Emerging Technologies That Can Help Increase Sales Conversions

Technology is revamping the sales process by aiding your sales team in generating more leads, fueling more effective sales conversion tactics, and getting prospects to convert. Salespeople can leverage technology to improve their visibility and generate more leads, establish long-term relationships with prospects and customers, build a killer sales pipeline, enhance responsiveness, and ultimately move […]