Aarti Nair

Content Writer

Aarti Nair is Marketing Manager for Yellow Messenger, an AI-based Cognitive Cloud Engagement Platform startup based out of Bengaluru, with the history of working with SaaS-based companies. She has worked in the highly competitive Insurance automation sector as a creative writer and social media expert.

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5 WhatsApp Business features to Elevate Customer Experience

WhatsApp rolled out an additional feature called interactive message template a month back for WhatsApp Business API. As the name suggests, this feature allows one to include interactive components to messaging like a button. WhatsApp Business Account users can now build two types of pre-defined buttons: Call-To-Action: The call-to-action button enables users to either call […]

5 Conversational AI Companies Tackling COVID-19

All of the information here are the words that you read on social media, chats, news channels, advertisements, companies’ taglines, and even hear it over calls (thanks to mandatory IVR warnings). Below are five conversational AI companies that are trying to tackle COVID-19 misinformation. IVR is not just confined to mentions. Almost everyone is trying […]