The Top Ten Most Influential People in NFTs   

Few industries have risen as quickly as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have done over the last few months. Since the launch of CryptoPunks in June 2017, the industry has generated more than $174 million in sales, creating entirely new markets for artists, creators, and collectors. Much of that growth has been driven by influencers who saw […]


How Blockchain Can Help Employees Get Back to the Office

With many of us itching to return to “business as usual,” health experts say contact tracing is critical, but privacy problems have stymied this effort. Adoption rates are often dismal in countries and regions with contact-tracing apps: In the U.S., for instance, individual states’ adoption rests at 1% to 10% (with some states striking down plans for an […]

reliable fintech ai future

Is FinTech Reliable? The Future of AI in Financial Sectors

The financial industry is revolutionized with the integration of artificial intelligence. It not only enhances the precision level but also speeds up the query resolution period. With the help of enhanced efficiency and accuracy, human problems are solved with the help of AI. FinTech firms have revolutionized the computational arms race in the last two […]

wax blockchain

Top Digital Collectibles on WAX Blockchain of 2020

The world of collectibles has changed. There was a time when the only place to trade collectibles was with a stack of dog-eared cards in the corner of the schoolyard. That was fun until you left school. eBay created a market that was always open and now covers everything from baseball cards to works of […]

Fintech Development Trends

Fintech Development Trends that You Must Know About

Fintech Development Trends are ever-changing and to keep yourself updated with these essentials. One of the most renowned words – Fintech, is a blend of “Finance” and “Technology.” Here are Fintech development trends that you must know about. Fintech defines any organization that uses technology to either automate or improve the financial process along with […]

HR tech trends

6 Futuristic HR Technology Trends Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses are quickly adapting to the COVID-19 reality where HR technology has made the greatest influence to do so. COVID-19 has accelerated the evaluation, training, and implementation of HR tech trends in businesses of all sizes. The HR team is actively involved in adopting innovative technologies at all levels like – recruitment process, employee engagement […]

biometrics identity verification

Biometrics: What the Future Holds for Identity Verification

Back in the mid-2000s, biometric authentication came into light as the future of digital security. We all thought that fingerprint records and facial recognition were totally new. Ask any officer at your local police station — the tech industry was beginning to discover the potential of integrating these biometric identity proofing measures. Here is what […]

Know Your Customer Regulations in Crypto Exchanges

Over the past few years, buying top digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether is common in off-exchange trading. The utilization of digital assets at a corporate level is quite promising. The cash management is revolutionizing, which is revamping the conventional payment flows using blockchain. Here is how to know the “know your customer” regulations […]

Top 25 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Speakers

Cryptocurrencies, the blockchains, smart contracts, and proof of work. The new world of finance is filled with strange terms and unique concepts. If you want to know what the blockchain can do and where digital finance is going — the best way to find out is by listening to an expert. Many of the world’s […]

6 Tech Trends that Will Dominate the New Decade

Peak venture capital funding for tech startups may be slowing down, but that doesn’t mean the end is nigh. Technological innovation will continue to drive the global economy into the next decade. While big data moved to the forefront of tech in the past ten years, the goal of the next ten years will be […]

The Role of Blockchain in High-End and Luxury Retail

Class and sophistication are adjectives of a luxury brand. Customers in this category have one thing in common – they appreciate the subtle things. Blockchain technology can play a role in serving this clientele.  The luxury market value is estimated at $3 trillion. The higher dollar amount means you’re playing in the big league. You […]

Why the CBD Industry Needs Blockchain to Prosper

Cannabidiol, or CBD, products have been all over the news since the federal government legalized them in December 2018. A recent Gallup poll found that one in seven American adults have tried CBD products, and 40% of those people use them for pain management. Here is why the CBD industry needs blockchain to prosper. A […]

Blockchain – Impending Revolution in Global Stock Trading?

What started out as a ledger for Bitcoin transactions, turned out to have so much more potential. It has become clear that blockchain technology has many promising applications. It’s immutable and decentralized nature makes it appealing to many industries. It’s apparent that blockchain is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the century. While Bitcoin has […]