With the tizen challenge reaching the final date, several games are now offered to the Tizen community. The fact that we might have a Tizen operated smartphone in the next few months has some serious effects as well! One of the developers that is speeding up his Tizen development is Stephen Loney, of Battle Blocks Attack and Sync Lab.
Stephen Loney, known not only for being the creator of Battle Blocks Attack but also of  the Candy Crash games is porting the Sync Lab App onto the Tizen Platform. It has already been submitted to the GameMaker Tizen Game Drive competition. It is a puzzle game that will challenge your brain with some nasty 45 levels across 5 sectors. The graphics might fool you with their ’80’s look as they are 8-bit and based on the NES palette. This is one of these games that put demands on your brain, not on your smart phone.
If you have either an iOS or Android Device then you can start challenging yourself and when it comes to Tizen on a mobile near you it might even help you be an instant winner 🙂 Better news: There’s a free version as well!

Sync Lab?

Stephen describes his game on the G-store as follows:

Welcome to Sync Labs, a place infamous for clone experimentation and questionable ethics.
As Subject 227, an oddly cheery blob, you must skillfully complete the many tests prepared for you and the clones designed to copy your every move. Success will demand perfect collaboration in activating all sync pads placed throughout each lab. In the experiments, you will find boulders, moving platforms, brain-reversing devices, teleporters and more!

Sound easy? Think again!

  • Unique puzzle experience
  • 45 levels across 5 sectors
  • 8-bit inspired graphics based on NES palette
  • Interactive environments

It has been completed as part of the OneGameAMonth project and is rated 4.4/5. Follow Stephen Loney on Twitter and enjoy the Android or the iOS version of the app with Tizen on the Horizon.