I’m a desk chair jockey and I know I should move more. Now some of you use stuff like endomodo, which was one of the few health-apps available for symbian, and I now have it on my Samsung Note 3. Bit clumsy on my wrist though and sure, Samsung came to my rescue: No more excuses! I looked at the Original Gear 1 but I wasn’t duely impressed, but now the Gear2 and it’s Sibling Gear 2 Neo might “force” me out of my chair. First hardware reviews are pretty positive and as it uses the excellent Tizen SDK it will allow a host of app builders to code and deliver their applications.
Health related apps, like endomondo and runtastic are expected to be the most offered on the diverse platforms although one could be very, very rich if it could develop a “beam us up Scotty” app.
One of the first app builders to use the possibilities of the Gear 2 is runtastic which will enable you to monitor your heartbeats and, I expect, to develop a series of courses and trainings to get people in a better condition. This is what it would look like:
As runtastic is the most used health and fitness app, be it on Windows, iOS or Android. There offerings are based around  health and fitness management and judging by their number of users, they do know what’s good for the market. Being able to track your GPS movements as well as your heartbeats and calorie usage it might be a very good basis to use with a Gear 2. As they also offer on-line services so, if so desired, it should be possible for your physician or your trainer to monitor and support your efforts.
Being used by over 30 million users means they have the menas to translate their software into 15+ languages and several phone-OS’s.
Florian Gschwandtler, the CEO and one of the founders of Runtastic said it like:“Today’s smartphones offer a wide array of tools to track health and fitness data. The key is finding ways to make this technology more accessible and easier to use. With Samsung Gear 2, Runtastic is offering the full fitness experience on a smaller, easy-to-read platform.” 
You can see for yourself at the Runtastic website.

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