The Raspberry Pi Foundation just introduced its cheapest and smallest microcomputer yet, the Raspberry Pi Model A+. 

In case the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi Models A, B, and B+ were just too big and expensive for your needs at $35, the A+ crams similar functionality into a computer two-thirds of the size, with a $15 price drop to just $20. 

In the way the Model B+ was a modern improvement on the B, the A+ inherits all the features the A had and adds the latest technology. It is 65mm (2.6 inches) in length, to the older model’s 86mm (3.4-inch) size. It replaces the A’s SD slot with a new micro SD slot, increases the number of GPIO pins to 40, and adds improved audio. 

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Like the A, the A+ features no networking functionality–for that feature, you’ll need to look to the B or B+. For all its updates and improvements, the A+ is still designed to be the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s low-power (and low-energy) offering. 

Tinkerers in the UK can now buy the A+ for about £15 from retailer Farnell, while Americans can get their hands on it at MCM for $20.

Lead image courtesy of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.