If your taste in online video-watching goes beyond the viral videos of mass appeal that include things like this drugged-up kid, Where the hell is Matt?, or even the latest internet phenomenonSusan Boyle, then you’re going to love the new site called Nizmlab. While its name may be a bit funny, its content is pure sophistication. Instead of just counting down the most popular videos across video-sharing sites on the net, Nizmlab is run by editors who pick the most interesting and unique creations to showcase on the site.

Nizmlab was founded this month by Lukas Dryja and Pawel Ulewicz after they came to the realization that only about 5 to 10 percent of the videos listed in the “Most Popular” section of online video portals were actually worth watching. To improve upon the process of finding quality content, they created Nizmlab, a site powered not by algorithms, but by individuals. The Nizmlab Editors, a hand-selected bunch chosen by the Nizmlab team and the Editor community are the ones responsible for finding and ranking the newest and most interesting videos from around the web. Today, they pull from YouTube and Vimeo, but more sources will be added soon, they say.

When browsing through the available videos, you can choose to view the most popular or the newest, and you can narrow your selection by category. Currently, those categories include business, design, documentary, education, entertainment, film, humor, music, politics, sports, and technology.

As you surf through Nizmlab, you’re more likely to find videos of unique animations, artistic inspiration, or – let’s be honest – those offbeat and odd art films that frankly don’t seem to have much of a point, but are pretty to watch. That’s not to say that there aren’t humorous videos on the site, but they’re more likely to be a dub of a Billy Mays commercial, a comedic work of art in and of itself, than, say, the latest beauty queen to bomb when giving a speech.

Of course, here and there, some less sophisticated videos slip into the mix – like this one of a soccer ball to groin and face – ouch! But, we suppose even sophisticates need a little base humor sometimes, too.

Still, our overall take on Nizmlab is that it easily fits right in with the other sites for visual inspiration, like We Heart It, FFFound, Vi.sualize.us, and others. In fact, we would even consider adding it to our list of sites for finding wonderful things.