I came across this live trivia game show app, Loco, yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing it with you. The app is much like an Indian version of HQ Trivia, the US app started by Vine Founders Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll last August. Loco invites users to play a quiz in real-time and lets them earn “real cash” if they answer all questions correctly. Guess what? The prize money is a whopping Rs. 75,000. Wow! Winning money has never been this fun and exhilarating, and it hardly takes 10 odd minutes!

Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show

Every day at 10 PM IST sharp, also at 1:30 PM IST on weekdays, the quirky host, popular sports presenter Gaurav Kapur, asks you ten multiple choice questions, live. Each question comes with three choices of answers, one of which is the correct answer. If you answer all of the ten questions correctly, you can win up to Rs. 75,000 real money.


How to play

All you need is to download the app (link given below) on to your phone, sign-up with your PayTM number, and boom, you’re eligible to win the hefty sum of money. Now tune in to the app sharp at 1:30 PM IST on weekdays and at 10 PM IST everyday. The host will take you through the game, comprising of ten multiple choice questions. The questions aren’t that tough either, as you get lots of Bollywood and Cricket related questions. You have to make your choice within 10 seconds, though. If you answer the question correctly, you qualify for the next question. You’ll still qualify even if your answer is wrong, but only once. You get one more question wrong, you’re eliminated.

Do I get real money

Yes! The prize money of Rs. 75,000 is real. It is divided equally among those who answer all the ten questions correctly. The winning money is credited into your PayTM account within 24 hours of the completion of each game show.
Started in November 2017, Loco is one of the fastest-growing apps in India. The app has already crossed 1 million downloads from the Play Store and has more than 400k active users daily. You can also join them and win some big money, within minutes. Just download the app and get started straightaway.