If you are in the Information Technology space, you are likely knowledgeable on what artificial intelligence holds. In fact, considering AI, the future of Information Technology appears bleak to some experts but promising to others.

If a tech worker is worried about their job — they really don’t understand the magic of AI.

Some workers are concerned with the future of their jobs. Yes, research reveals that automation and artificial intelligence could be coming for these jobs. In fact, there is a possibility of a replacement of over 22 million jobs within the next decade – in the United States alone.

If not eliminating these jobs, there will be reassigning. These are alarming threats if you are in a couple of these white-collar jobs.

Your gatekeeper roles could be at stake — BUT is there something to smile about these changes?

The recent trends in information technology (and secrets of high-performing teams) reveal mastering technology as one of the industry’s trending features. In extension — the role of artificial intelligence in this subset cannot be underestimated. Let’s look at the future of the tech space. But first, a brief past…

A Brief History of data processing and related jobs.

IT deals with the utilization of electronic platforms. IT performs the storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation of information. Certainly, it’s necessary to look at how these aspects of data processing have evolved.

Processing data.

Processing of data dates back a century when analog mechanisms were used. With the introduction of electronic computers in the 1940s, programming became necessary.

People interested in the industry started training. These people had to be specialized in computer programming, data encryption, and decryption and inventing new tools. The new creation of data tools would increase the operational capabilities of the computers.

People were terribly afraid for their jobs at that time, too.

The innovation trends continued. Everyone in those field were afraid that the new data and technology would take every job. Much like today — many in those field were looked on with a mixture of admiration and interest — but, yes, fear too.

We are still diversifying in the current tech climate.

The tech industry is characterized by diverse areas and angles. These include machine learning, use of robots, automation, and, of course, artificial intelligence (AI).

Currently — the technology industry employs millions of people.

These industry employees include administrators, analysts, chief information officers, consultants, designers. Then we have the developers, engineers, technicians, programmers, and support personnel.

Additionally, companies like Congruity360 are focusing on increasing the reliability of shared data and reducing the risks associated with the use of electronic platforms in sharing data.

The Instagram brothers.

We’ve seen the Instagram founders step down in the last couple of days saying it is “the misuse of information” by Facebook. I call them “the Instagram brothers,” but the point being that there will always be concerns about our security. We will need real people looking at real tech problems. Real people will need to oversee this protection.

What does the future hold — about information and tech?

Indeed, there is much to expect in the  because technology is an ever-evolving area — and most entities are embracing the use of AI in simplifying mundane tasks. 

Boosting Company Productivity

You have heard of Alexa and Google, how are they utilizing artificial intelligence to boost their productivity? Well, these companies have realized significant transformations after utilizing artificial intelligence.

Well, take for example Google. The company uses bots to give you a more personalized search experience – from supplying you with the content you are looking for and to showing you relevant on-site ads.

Colossal data mining is, indeed, a compelling transformation for companies. For instance, the social media giant Facebook has been on the news recently for how it is collecting and sharing users’ information. Of course, any online company of such a scale as Facebook is well conversant with automation in improving their users’ experience, and consequently, their productivity.

Enormous data mining seems to be picking up — is THAT tech future?

The trends of enormous data mining by companies cannot stop soon. In fact, you can foretell a future where this area will be a leading player in the IT space.

In spite of this promising trend for online entrepreneurs, there is a significant concern of how huge data mining and sharing will impact people’s privacy. But, remember here — how will all of that tech be done? The AI can’t provide all of this information.

IT Infrastructure – More Secure or Insecure?

Yes, security issues pose a big question to the tech space. In as much as many companies are developing and promising more secure systems (with no security breaches) using artificial intelligence, a plethora of people have concerns about how these companies will be sharing their information.

The US Intelligence teams accused Russia of penetrating the US electoral system and tampering with the election process.

Even though Russia denied any involvement in the US electoral process, the topic remains a great subject of discussion. How could the global superpower get its tech platform breached?

Is AI going to search out all of the needed information on subjects that we deem important for tech info — or other info for that matter.

Even if the allegations in the US were hyperbole, just the mention of the claim and how the topic incited mixed reactions revealed how more people are concerned with security in the digital space.

It is possible to predict systems’ security breaches in the future – as hacking techniques will outweigh measures to secure the systems.

However, experts are continuing to create and encourage more secure systems. For instance, Chrome started flagging non-HTTPs sites as insecure (HTTPs systems utilizes advanced security feature – SSL and TSL to secure online platforms).

You can imagine of further modifications to thwart the use of AI to hack information from websites.

Career Opportunities – Old is Gold?

They say “Old is Gold.” Yes, it is. But isn’t flexibility an integral part in growing a businesses?

Well, enterprises must be flexible, to identify new opportunities and shift and pivot swiftly.

Considering information Technology, particularly the usual white-collar jobs, artificial intelligence is massively forcing its way through the systems.

Without any doubt, there will be job elimination – for how will companies employ humans to operate complex tasks which the bots can do smoothly? No need. You will no longer have to take complex computing tasks.

“But won’t new opportunities be tough as well?” you ask.

We say a resounding, “YES.”  There is one area artificial intelligence can’t take away: teamwork and managing the systems.

More people will dip their noses in the technology space — not for gatekeeper roles — but to monitor the systems.

Within the current atmosphere — even with the excitement and increasing need for all things tech — for now — humans ensure smooth operations.

Continuing and reinventing and developing new tech models –won’t alway be done by humans — but is at present — expanded by humans.

Hopefully, these tech and data areas are thrilling for you. Then the future WILL hold gold.


Imagine the use of artificial intelligence, robots, and machine learning stopping now — no way. In particular, the IT space seems to be in love with machine intelligence.

Job issues and privacy of information can worry you — but what of the compelling new opportunities? Go out and make these opportunities possible — for yourself and for all of us. 

Evan Loring

Global Sale Director at Congruity360

Former collegiate athlete Evan Loring attended the University of New Hampshire (UNH), where as an undergraduate he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and received three Academic All-Colonial Athletic Association selections. He remained at UNH for graduate studies and while completing an MBA he coached the UNH football team’s wide receivers, including all-league wide-out Mike Boyle. More recently, Evan Loring supervised the scholarly and athletic performance of 11 football players as a wide receiver coach for Harvard University. During his tenure, he helped the Harvard Crimson field the top-rated offense in the Ivy League for two consecutive seasons. Having transitioned into the information technology (IT) consulting field, Evan Loring serves as a senior manager for MSDI in Pembroke, Massachusetts. He works with enterprise-level companies to evaluate and manage operating costs associated with their yearly IT budget. Also in charge of marketing MSDI’s cloud computing, performance optimization, business continuity, and other IT solutions, Mr. Loring has grown annual revenue to $10 million for the company’s enterprise business units.