We are all, in one way or another, the offspring of the technological era. We depend on our jobs for our very livelihood. Moreover, the fear of losing our jobs due to the continuous advancements in technology grips a great many people. With the continuous evolution in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), where more devices are going online every day. Hence the need for human interference is reducing in various departments.

Whereas, at the very same instance, breakthroughs are creating more positions of employment all around the world. Let us consider some of the most significant pros and cons IoT might have on the job market. Moreover, how organizations and individuals for the benefit of the entire society are effectively tackling various situations.

IoT enabled Machines Taking over our tasks

Machines Taking Human Jobs

Undoubtedly, the primary objective behind the rapid application of IoT in our daily routines is to automate tasks and procedures. A simple machine can carry out the functions of multiple laborers; a flying drone can scan a large area in a very short period which might’ve taken days to cover by humans. Comprehensive security systems have taken over the tasks of guards protecting various premises, and this list of instances where machines are taking over the workload is endless.

What is happening as a result of all this automation? Lesser human involvements, of course! Which results in lower job opportunities. However true is that machines aren’t yet capable of dictating a specific sphere of life entirely. Human involvement is, and always will be, integral, since AI does not possess the power to think spontaneously and tentatively like a human mind, yet.

IoT Advancements leading to new opportunities

New Opportunities

The industrial revolution came as the dawn of a new day. However expected, this change (although this was nothing short of a revolution) instilled a fear of unemployment among masses. However, it opened many unexplored avenues of employment, to their relief. Employment opportunities opened in areas such as railroad management, fuel related sectors, and track maintenance, etc.

Advancements in science and technology have given rise to the digital world of the internet. Just turn on your smart device, connect it with the internet, and you would be able to browse through countless jobs that you can opt from, even, from home. Marketers, Bloggers, Chefs, Life Style trainers, and many more are using these new opportunities to make a decent living for their households.

Companies are opening up new and unique designations related to IoT management all over the world, fulfilling the need for trained IoT professionals to run the machinery. In short, humankind and its skill set are evolving with the advancement in technology. Greater automation replaces the need for the workforce in lower tiers and opens up avenues for smarter brains on top of the hierarchy.  Businesses will undoubtedly benefit from the continuous evolution of IoT since their processes became lag-free; everything becomes transparent and more centralized for better control and efficiency.

Factors related to privacy

Data Privacy and Security

New advancement techniques are being employed to protect the privacy of employees and organizations as a whole since massive chunks of data are uploaded on servers, but a potential intruder can also attempt to get inside of one of these servers and steal valuable information. That could result in the loss of millions of dollars for major corporations.

Individual quality is also compromised with the advancements in IoT. Companies now keep track of the various activities of their employees while they are working inside an office environment and even after they have left the premises. We know that a wide variety of companies like Facebook, Google, etc. monitor our activities over the internet and sell them to companies so they can tailor and focus their ads according to the needs and wants of individual consumers. But this again is pretty debatable, and many consider this as an intrusion of privacy.

Measures to take in the education department

IoT will have a significant effect on the type and quality of education delivered in schools and universities. While choosing a profession, it is of utmost importance that counselors help their students keep in mind the changing dynamics of the world and urge them to hone themselves regarding the rapid advancements in technology.

This is challenging educational systems positively, hence developing them along the way. This era shows how advanced learning techniques have enabled unique and innovative lessons. They are possible only by the application of these smart devices in classrooms.


Being worried about what the future holds for us is only natural. We need to realize that advancements are inevitable for humans to be able to explore the new horizons. What we need to do is to have the ability to flow smoothly with the currents of expertise. Acquiring increased knowledge related to the new fields spawning at every turn is integral in becoming successful.

Companies need to train their workforce and make them familiar to the proper use and application of IoT. With proper will and determination, the world at large, and we can benefit immensely from the implementation of IoT.

Nida Shahid

After graduating from Business School, Nida found her love in reading, learning, discovering and writing about IoT, AI, and a diverse range of related topics. Nida lives to share her knowledge and love for mindful living. A proud dog parent, it’s her writing that brings most peace to her head and heart, after Gizmo. Yeah, his name is Gizmo, a true bundle of joy he is. Probably one of the most amazing things about her is her ability to stay relevant. Her work has been posted on multiple blogs and e-zines across the web. She believes in bringing Informative writing and knowledge together but never at the expense of a “Dayum-this-was-cool” kind of read.