Can it be done? Can Fleksy, the makers of an admittedly small touchscreen keyboard make it actually usable on such a tiny screen?
Well according to them it will work on the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch and enable you to use SMS and Chat applications.

“Fleksy patent-pending technology has been uniquely positioned to wearable devices,” said Ioannis Verdelis, COO of Fleksy. “Fleksy allows users to accurately type on any device, regardless of its size, and we are very pleased to work closely with Samsung to finally bring this unique technology to Gear 2.0.”

Heres a little promotional video from fleksy whilst we wait for our Tizen Smartwatch to turn up.

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p.s. Dear Samsung, Can you please send me a Samsung Gear 2 ? Thanks.
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