More security cameras are hitting the market to help homeowners feel more secure about their homes and families whether they are home or away. Now, there is another new WiFi-enabled security camera that incorporates artificial intelligence. This security camera is from EZVIZ, and it’s known as the C3X. Here is my review after I recently installed it at my home.

About the EZVIZ C3X Security Camera

The EZVIZ C3X security camera is now available as a way to add extra protection to your home. The camera has a strobe light and siren alert system, customizable voice alerts, and excellent weatherproofing through its metallic enclosure to minimize the impact of dust, water, and even snow.

Also, the H.265 video compression capability reduces the need for data storage and bandwidth.

The security camera offers an app where you can designate the zones for the camera to focus on. The app provides alerts as soon as the camera captures suspicious activity.

What Makes this Camera Unique?

The EZVIZ C3X security camera has many notable features that set it apart from other security cameras.

First, it’s considered to be a commercial-grade security camera. Second, it has dual lenses. The dual-lens technology features one lens that records ambient brightness while the other captures the color information. The images are then merged to present one of the best security camera pictures possible.

Third, it has built-in artificial intelligence through an algorithm that provides more accurate alerts about people and vehicles. Finally, it gives you nighttime color video. This means you don’t have to add spotlights to help with night viewing.

Cloud Subscription

For $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, you can get seven days of storage for one security camera. A 30-day plan costs $10.99 per month or $109.99 per year. If you have more than one camera, the CloudPlay subscription costs $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year for seven days of storage or $15.99 per month or $159.99 per year for 30 days of storage.

Pros and Cons

There are many things to love about this security camera. It has some of the best video quality and accurate motion detection I’ve seen among all the outdoor security cameras. The color night video makes it clear and easy to see what’s going on outside. Other pluses include a built-in siren and strobe light, straightforward installation, app, and Alexa and Google voice control support.

However, there are some aspects of the security camera where improvements need to be made. The biggest issue was inconsistent cloud performance, which meant that there wasn’t necessarily a guarantee that all footage would be stored and secured properly. It was often hard to get into my cloud storage account.

And, since the subscription plan I had to pay for seemed more than others, I really expected it to be consistent. As an alternative, though, you can save recorded video locally on a microSD card. However, you will have to use your own media to do so.

Also, it would be good if the security camera also worked with some of the other smart home hubs like HomeKit or IFTTT.

In the Box

The security camera comes with a drill template, screw kit, waterproof kit, power adapter (nearly five feet long), and a quick start guide.

Purchase Options

Priced at $149, the security camera is available at retailers. These include Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Online, you can buy the camera from sites like

Overall Thoughts

The Ezviz C3X outdoor AI-enabled security camera is a high-quality, high-tech weatherproof security solution. It is reasonably priced, delivering clear color video both day and night. However, there is room for improvement because its cloud service had issues.

If I stay with this security camera, I think two would provide better coverage for me. It’s a good idea to do some research to see what you think and ask around. Check out many security cameras to see what best fits your own needs. I like this one.

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