The Diggtrends website has just done some stats relating to the Netscape owner’s offer to buy out digg’s top users. They found that the top 10 users contributed 1792 of the frontpage stories – i.e. 29.8%. The top 100 contributed 3324 stories, i.e. 55.28%. Nearly 30% of frontpage stories contributed by just 10 people is a pretty amazing stat – talk about the A-List!

What’s more, there are 444,809 registered users and out of these only 2287 contributed one or more story for the period of 6/19/2006 to 7/30/2006. The implication being that relatively few Digg users a) contribute at all; and b) even fewer regularly get onto the frontpage.

More details on my ZDNet blog and on when they release the full stats.