Video has long been talked about as the medium that you NEED to be on as a business. According to Cisco, 79% of all internet traffic was video as of 2018. Video streaming, video conferencing, video content are shaping the way consumers are interacting with brands online. Zoom is the latest unicorn in the tech field and may already be in your toolkit, but it’s a company called CloudApp that you should keep an eye on.

On May 29th, CloudApp announced a seed round investment of $4.3 Million. The video solution sits in the collaboration and productivity space and is currently used by 53% of the Fortune 500. Through its screen recording, GIF editing, and snipping tools it provides solutions to various business units the most impressive of which are customer support, engineering, and sales.

CloudApp is a new way to talk to your customer

Have you ever been involved in a live chat with a customer service agent and they just aren’t quite able to articulate to you how to solve an issue? They send over steps, FAQ pages, replicate but just can’t quite get there?

CloudApp video collaboration tools allow for agents to close tickets faster with visual representations of how to solve an issues. Those videos can then be stored on the cloud and referenced later or reproduced on a more visual/video based FAQ page.

Add personalization to long sales cycles

The average sales cycle can last 6-9 months for an enterprise business. That is a long time for an account executive to keep in touch with various decision makers. Companies like G2Crowd have been using CloudApp to both create and nurture pipeline. With CloudApps ability to enable screen and webcam recording, you can send a more personal message about your thoughts on a white paper or article that you are sharing with a customer to keep in touch.

With this feature, you can also create a personal meeting touch point without trying to fit into a customer’s busy schedule. Record yourself talking through contract highlights, customer case studies, etc and send those over to speed up the sales cycle.

Reduce meetings

Tired of meetings taking up your schedule? The screen recording from CloudApp can also provide a nice way to skip a meeting. You will find that the speed of collaboration through its integrations with Slack, Trello, GitHub, ZenDesk, and other common workplace tools will create less of need for ad hoc meetings.

As we move to a more remote workforce, it becomes even more important to create personal touchpoints that aren’t necessarily in a meeting setting and may be more natural.

Connect remote workers and onboard new employees

Video conferencing and video collaboration can be a great equalizer in connecting a remote workforce. The visual nature can tie together a team and connect leaders to those who may be in different time zones and working hours. The video usage can extend to onboarding employees as well by creating quick videos on how to create a report in a specific tool, login to project management software, or find a piece of data.

Share files quickly and collaborate on material

One more sneaky ability of CloudApp is the file sharing nature it provides. You can use the screen recording, snipping, and GIF editing tool to create a short link to post into a blog or Slack. Also, you can simply drag and drop a file into the noticeable cloud icon your desktop to create a short link to send to someone.

CloudApp operates on a freemium model with Pro accounts for individuals looking for more storage, HD quality video, and a few other features. It also has Team and Enterprise grade tools that boast SSO functionality, customizable links, guaranteed uptime, and dedicated customer success team. This company has a bright future and if you are looking to jump into video and the cloud, there’s an app for that CloudApp, available on Mac, Win, iOS, and Chrome.

Brad Anderson

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