We now have a new company from Google X, under the Alphabet banner, named Chronicle. This newly announced company will focus entirely on cybersecurity. Google X Chief, Astro Teller, has described the new company as a “digital immune system.” Chronicle’s mission will be detecting threats within large organizations by analyzing and storing their security-related data.
The new company aims to nip hacks in the bud by utilizing the robust Google infrastructure in detecting threats at a much faster rate and on a grander scale compared with available alternative systems. Being better than current solutions was what founder Stephen Gillett emphasized in a Medium post announcing the launch: “We think we’ll be able to help organizations see their full security picture in much higher fidelity than they currently can.”
The challenges Chronicle was born to solve involve the huge gap that exists with experts trying to catch up with evolving security hacks from hackers. Most times, the data needed to pave the way are not available to be accessed by the security team, especially when maintaining such large amount of data is way too expensive for most organizations.
Now, the data will be available. Also, things are going to get ten times much faster. Hacks would be stopped even before they happen.

For now, we are only being told the bare necessities. More details on the project are expected to come forth soon. However, Gillett made it known the first alpha versions have been tested already at a few Fortune 500 companies.
Chronicle will be taking under its wings the popular malware reporting platform, VirusTotal. Google had acquired VirusTotal in 2012, and as at now, the malware reporting network receives not less than 1 million submissions every day. VirusTotal’s operation will not be affected by the new company launch. Services and operations are to proceed as usual, albeit under the umbrella of Chronicle.