The SEERBRILLS is debuting the Perfecta at CES this year. It is the world’s first AI-powered grill and can cook steaks and other meats in two minutes. The customizable features include controls that say they will make you and your guests the perfect steak, other meats, and other foods in minutes.

As a UK-based startup, SEERGRILLS is an exciting newbie to the cooking scene and, more significantly, new in the AI-powered category. The SEERGRILLS Perfecta is a large appliance when installed on the GrillStation stand, and you’ll want to give it a fair amount of space in your outdoor area. The Perfecta is the first technical advancement of its kind, and CES is a great place to showcase new technology.

The SEERBRILLS Perfecta grill AI powered
The SEERBRILLS Perfecta grill AI-powered grill. Image credit: SEERGRILLS

The Perfecta runs on a powerful Quad Core processor, and the smart sensors measure not only the food but other environmental facts — all by AI so that your dish will be cooked to perfection every time. The sensor gauges the thickness of the meat and can decipher between other ingredients in the dish to be cooked — so that everything comes out perfectly. The Perfecta has dual vertical infrared burners offering dual-sided cooking for 360° coverage. These infrared burners pulse far and near the food to deliver the correct cooking times and amounts of heat.

Want the perfect steak and other recipes?

There is no need to ever watch, flip, turn, or worry about your food again when cooked on this grill. You can cook much more than just steak. Use it for a quick pizza or rotisserie — and when unexpected, hungry guests show up at your door. The grill is outfitted with the aiChef, which works to understand your personal preferences and then adjust to that information with AI accuracy, deploying smart sensors to control the cooking.

Compatible with the SEERGRILLS app, you will have perfection with the Perfecto every time. This grill will likely not be the only one on the market as other AI treatments are discovered and put to work in the cooking sector. This SEERGRILLS Perfecta will be shown and demonstrated this week for the first time at CES 2024.

Feature and Inner Image Credit: SEERGRILLS

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