BetMGM confirmed its arrival on the British gambling landscape back in August 2023, and as they prepare to mark the first half-year period, the company believes the results vindicate the “big splash” in the UK.

As reported by I Gaming Business, high-profile sports sponsorships, glitzy ‘Vegas style’ advertising, and an engaging customer experience are all said to have contributed to the initial success, which has gone above and beyond the expectations of BetMGM’s UK director, Sam Behar.

“It’s been an unbelievable first five months entering the UK, especially given how we did. We had a unique ambition to make things work, and we’ve certainly made a big splash, which is excellent,” he said.

“Of course, we always thought it would, but it’s made a much bigger impact than even we could have anticipated, and even though we had high hopes, we even exceeded those expectations. It’s fair to say punters really like our product, especially the Vegas experience that we’ve brought to the UK,” added Behar.

MGM has appeared to carve a slice of the pie for itself by providing an alternative. That has been made possible by focusing on engagement and user experience.

Data utilization has been a driver for the company, steering its direction with further credit given to its own exclusive products such as the MGM Grand Gamble slot game.

That’s Entertainment

BetMGM has attempted to bring the glamour of its Las Vegas image into its online casino offering while shaking up the traditional sportsbook market for British customers. Behar confirmed the deliberate ploy to combine US elements with a distinct UK-based identity.

Their endeavors have been helped by a bold television advertisement featuring American comedian Chris Rock and a lion gliding along London’s famed River Thames in a golden speedboat. At the same time, supplementary ads have run on Sky Sports, a major UK broadcaster.

The brand aims to be more than a disruptor. It wants to be loud, to be brash, to be an entertainer, and to provide something different.

Sponsorship and alignment are also part of the plan, with high-profile deals in place with Premier League soccer clubs Manchester City, Wolves, Brighton, Aston Villa, and Newcastle. MGM branding is apparent at all of those stadiums, with the marketing plan extending to title sponsorship of Darts’ Premier League.

The UK operation is a joint venture between MGM and Entain, a major international gambling company, listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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