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Best Mattress Brands of 2021

It is no secret that sleep plays a significant role in our health and well-being. Recent medical reports show that healthy adults who suffer from short-term sleep issues experience increased stress response, pain, reduced quality of life, emotional distress, and mood disorders. Symptoms of long-term sleep disruption are even more alarming; these include an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

With 1 in 3 US adults getting less than adequate sleep, many mattress companies are working hard to provide sleepers with a solution. The integration of new technology is helping many brands address specific sleep concerns. From firmness to temperature, tech provides the tools to create a more advanced and comfortable mattress. This article will outline some new trends in mattress technology and highlight 8 brands using it successfully. Here, you’ll also discover the best mattress brands available on the market.

Best Mattresses of 2021 Overview

Best Mattress of 2021

Below, we look at 8 brands that are quietly reshaping the sleep industry through their innovative use of technology, materials, and design to create some of the best mattresses that also deliver a smarter, deeper sleep experience.

Amerisleep AS3

1. Amerisleep

Best Overall Mattress: Amerisleep AS3

When shopping with Amerisleep, we recommend the AS3–its medium firmness makes it perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers. It also comes in a Hybrid version.

Amerisleep’s mattresses provide superior comfort and support. Amerisleep is a brand that understands individual needs vary and what works for one person may not work for another. To make shopping for a mattress as easy as possible, they have designed a line of 5 beds that vary in firmness.

Based on your body type, preferred sleep position, and comfort needs, you can select one of their 5 mattresses. The AS1 is their firmest mattress, while the AS2 is medium-firm and works well for back and stomach sleepers. Business Insider rates the AS2 “the best mattress for back pain.” The AS3 is their most popular mattress because of its medium firmness. Allure even calls Amerisleep’s AS3 one of the top mattresses to buy online. The firmness level of the AS3 makes it the perfect bed for combination, back, and side sleepers. The AS4 is a medium-soft mattress that features 4 inches of foam in the top layer. This layer makes it ideal for side sleepers who need extra cushioning around the hips and shoulders. Lastly, the AS5 is the softest option and is excellent for heavy sleepers.

What makes Amerisleep mattresses so advanced? All of their beds feature an open-cell, Certi-PUR certified, plant-based memory foam that is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and breathable. Their covers feature FDA-determined Celliant technology, which is clinically proven to increase local blood flow and recovery. This unique material converts body heat into infrared light to encourage deeper sleep and faster healing. HIVE technology provides pressure-relieving support and spinal alignment. The unique construction offers a firmer feel and added comfort around the torso and hips. Around the areas where pressure points tend to develop, it allows for deeper compression and cushion.

In addition to their state-of-the-art mattresses, they offer the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed. This adjustable base allows you to change the angle of your head and feet through a wireless remote or in-app controls. In addition to head and foot articulation, the pillow tilting feature lets you angle your head so you can read or journal in bed. The controls come with Bluetooth compatibility so you can link to a smart home system too. Also, a preset button makes it easy to find your favorite position again and again. A “snore” button can help you quickly raise the upper portion of the bed to open up airways, and the “flat” button can take you from your preferred sleep position to a flat position with just the click of a button.

This base features 8 USB ports so you can plug in your devices without the use of unsightly power strips, and the WallHugger technology means that you never have to stretch or strain to reach your nightstand. As the bed rises, the MicroHook retention system prevents the mattress from sliding or moving. A strip of tiny, gentle velcro located near the foot of the mattress keeps it firmly in place. Additionally, the adjustable legs that come with the Amerisleep foundation allow it to fit comfortably within most frames.

While under bed lightly doesn’t necessarily enhance sleep, it can help those who frequently get up to use the restroom during the night. With a click of the “light” button on the remote, soft lighting under the bed will illuminate a pathway around the bed frame and to the bedroom door.

To help you relax before sleep, this foundation comes with full-body massage capabilities. The massage feature has two main settings, regular and wave, and 3 different speeds, low, medium, and high. The gentle motion of the massage as you lay in a supportive mattress can be just what you need for a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

Zoma Athletes Mattress


2. Zoma Sleep

Best Memory Foam Mattress: Zoma Sports Mattress

Looking for a supportive memory foam mattress? We recommend the Zoma Sports Mattress–it is engineered to help you sleep deeper and recover faster.

The Zoma Sports Mattress may seem like just another ordinary bed. But the makeup of the top and middle layers tell a different story. The Triangulex top layer features gel-infused memory foam, along with its specially engineered Triangulex. It’s a low-tech system featuring hundreds of precision-cut triangular segments that provide more cushion and as well as airflow directly under your body so you can sleep cool and comfortable.

In the middle of the mattress, Zoma comes with its Reactiv layer which has latex-like properties. It bounces back fast and minimizes motion transfer and serves as a unique alternative to regular memory foam and latex foam.

Although Zoma doesn’t offer any hi-tech accessories like an adjustable base or sleep sensors, it’s the materials, design, and foam layers incorporated directly into the mattress that make it an engineering marvel.

Vaya Memory Foam Mattress

3. Vaya Mattress

Best Mattress On Amazon: Vaya Mattress

The Vaya mattress is 12 inches tall and contains 3 inches of Vaya foam and 9 inches of base foam. The breathable polyester cover allows for more airflow, resulting in a soft, cool sleep surface.

The latex-like feel of Vaya foam forms around the body, relieving pressure points. Vaya foam has a responsive bounce, which makes movement easier—sleepers will never feel “stuck” inside the mattress. It also encourages healthy spinal alignment by preventing unnatural sinkage.

The base foam layer distributes body weight across the surface for even, consistent support without the risk of sagging. Plus, this base foam is durable enough to prevent wear and tear, ultimately helping to extend the life of the mattress.

The Vaya mattress has a plush feel and is perfect for side and combination sleepers—the soft comfort of Vaya foam relieves pressure points, especially in the shoulders and hips, while providing even support for an overall better night’s sleep.

The Vaya mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, covering sagging greater than 0.75 inches. Customers can purchase a queen size Vaya mattress on Amazon for $555.

Nest Bedding Mattress

4. Nest

Best Natural Latex Mattress: Nest Organic Hybrid Mattress

If you are considering an organic mattress, we recommend the Nest Organic Hybrid. The use of 100 percent organic materials makes this bed non-toxic and safe for allergy sufferers.

Nest goes above and beyond to provide bedding that is organic, natural, and made in the USA. In addition to their child and pet line, they offer 6 different mattress types for adults. 3 of their mattresses feature latex foam technology. As we noted above, latex is one of the most sustainable materials available, so the use of latex makes these beds eco-friendly and non-toxic. The GOLS latex and GOTS organic cotton and wool in their Hybrid Mattress make this bed one of the most natural mattresses on the market. All of their hybrids use a pocketed coil system with reinforced edges to control motion transfer.

Their Alexander Signature Hybrid uses memory foam technology to provide a plush and supportive feel. To accommodate the heat-trapping issue that traditional memory foam tends to have, Nest uses a gel memory foam to absorb heat. The cover of the mattress features a thermic phase changing fabric to keep you at a comfortable temperature. This material absorbs heat when the temperature goes up. When the heat goes back down, the material slowly releases the heat.

Nest also offers the Reverie Adjustable Power Base, which comes in 2 different models, the O300T and the R400. In addition to head and foot adjustability, the whisper-quiet lift system won’t wake you or your partner during the night. The controls feature an LED night light, a one-touch “flat” button for getting in and out of bed, and a preset zero gravity position button. For safety, an easy-click single-center retainer bar runs down the middle of the base and secures the mattress in place.

The most significant difference between the O300T and the R400 is the inclusion of 3D-Wave massage technology in the R400. This technology has 3 wave modes and a full-body massage with a 1 to 10 intensity level. The R400 also features Bluetooth technology so you can make adjustments to the bed through your smart home system. Controls on the R400 also include the LED light button and 2 programmable preset positions. Plus, it includes a preset anti-snore, zero gravity, and flat positions.

NordicTrack Mattress

5. NordicTrack Sleep

Best Smart Mattress: NordicTrack Mattress

For those considering a smart mattress, we recommend the NordicTrack Mattress. Thousands of sleep sensors track your sleep and provide you with valuable feedback.

Although they are known for their high-caliber exercise equipment, NordicTrack has recently created a bed with sleep tracking abilities. Their mattress features 3 layers of foam: a dual-sided layer of CoolSupport and NovuGel technology, a layer of RightShape technology, and a layer of pocketed spring coils that are zoned to offer you support where you need it most.

The RightShape technology is an advanced interlocking, dual-density foam with CoilFlex. CoilFlex uses pivoting microcoils that move left and right, up and down to absorb movement and reduce motion transfer. Certi-PUR and OEKO-TEX certification guarantee the materials are free of harmful chemicals.

With this bed, you can also customize your firmness level. NordicTrack offers both a firm mattress or a plush option. According to its website, the plush option is a true medium on the firmness scale, while the firm is a firm to medium-firm.

The NordicTrack mattress comes with superior sleep tracking technology that is powered by iFit. iFit is their interactive personal training software that is used in their exercise tools and on their app. Connected to a group of experts and trainers, it provides users with valuable health support. The iFit provides sleep coaching when connected to your NordicTrack Mattress. The sensors on the bed gather information on your heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep patterns and then sync these stats with your iFit app. The app then provides you with tips on how to improve your sleep quality. It can even connect you with a live sleep coach to discuss more complex issues.

With the use of 2 different alarms, NordicTrack has taken care to ensure that your deep sleep state is never interrupted. Their FreshWake Alarm sounds when you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle during your selected time frame. Their Continual Alarm will continue to sound until you get out of bed. If you get back into bed within 10 minutes, it will begin to sound again.

Purple Mattress

6. Purple Mattress

Most Responsive Mattress: Purple Mattress

When shopping with Purple, we recommend the Purple Hybrid Premier. The 4 inches of the Purple Grid in this mattress provides no-pressure support and keeps you cool.

Purple is a bed in a box brand that has recently gained popularity for its proprietary Purple Grid. The grid uses hyperelastic polymer molded into a grid pattern. It adapts to your body for an instant weightless feeling. The grid also encourages breathability through the use of open-air channels.

All 3 of Purple’s mattresses feature their grid in various widths. Their original Purple mattress comes with 2 inches of the Purple Grid and a layer of CertiPUR-US certified foam for support. Next, the Purple Hybrid increases airflow through the mattress. This bed has 2 inches of the Purple Grid and a base made of patented Responsive Support Coils. The Purple Hybrid Premier is their most advanced mattress. It comes with the option of 3 or 4 inches of the Purple Grid on top of their standard coil system.

A Purple mattress works best with the Purple Power Base. This foundation comes with head articulation and 3 adjustable height options for legs. The wireless remote offers a zero-gravity preset, 2 position presets, and under-bed lighting control. The foundation also features extra outlets and USB ports so that you can conveniently charge your electronics. Lastly, the True Resonant Frequency Massage with 5 settings can help you relax and de-stress before sleep.

EightSleep Mattress

7. Eight Sleep

Best Cooling Mattress: Eight Sleep The Pod

When looking for a mattress with temperature control, we recommend The Pod. Its state of the art technology allows you to preset the temperature of the mattress based on your preferences.

Eight Sleep is known for innovation. Their two mattresses were some of the first to feature sensor technology that provides valuable feedback to sleepers. Eight currently offers two foam smart mattresses, each with various features.

Their Smart Bed, is made of a Certi-PUR certified memory foam comfort layer and a polyfoam support layer that adds stability to the mattress. What makes this mattress “smart” is the inclusion of thousands of sensors just under the comfort layer. These sensors track heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and sleep stages. You can track your sleep patterns from their smartphone app and even use it to adjust the temperature of the bed. Those who sleep with a partner can customize the temperature on their side of the bed. Smart alarms in the bed also detect the optimal point for waking, so you never have to worry about the disruption of critical sleep stages.

Eight’s newest model is The Pod. Like the Smart Bed, the Pod features a memory foam comfort layer and a polyfoam support layer. This mattress is a true medium on the firmness scale, making it suitable for most sleep positions. The Pod has the addition of Eight’s Active Grid technology, which is positioned just above the comfort layer and connects to the Hub. The Hub is located in the mattress base and powers the various adjustments to the mattress. Like the Smart Bed, sensors in The Pod also adjust your temperature and track sleep biometrics. The Pod features a Thermo alarm that wakes you gently by changing the surface temperature of the bed. If you are looking for a mattress with sleep tracking abilities, the Eight Smart Bed or Pod are both great options.

Kingsdown Sleep Smart Air Mattress

8. Kingsdown Sleep

Best Adjustable Mattress: Kingsdown Sleep Smart Air

Looking for a mattress with adjustable firmness? We recommend the Kingsdown Sleep Smart Air mattress–a built-in layer of air helps you achieve the perfect firmness level.

Kingsdown has been helping people find better sleep for over a decade. Using current sleep research, they have created a new mattress to accommodate a host of issues. Their Sleep Smart Air mattress is the latest addition to their line up of advanced beds. This mattress is a hybrid of foam layers and individually-wrapped innerspring coils reinforced to reduce motion transfer. The ventilated edge support improves air circulation through the use of Airflow channels around the perimeter of the bed.

What makes this mattress so advanced is the use of IntelliMax, a customizable system with 3 support zones on each side of the bed. Each zone has its own wireless control. Once you lay down, their patented diagnostic system sends firmness recommendations based on your body type and sleep position straight to your phone. Using your suggestions, you can adjust the 3 support zones, including lumbar, head and neck, and knees, to your preferred firmness. This bed also has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can make adjustments from your smartphone or your smart home system.

In addition to the Sleep Smart Air mattress, Kingdown’s BodyPerfect bed will also be released soon. The BodyPerfect is an intuitive mattress that continues to adjust throughout the night. Their SMART technology sensors measure and respond to movements, allowing the bed to adjust for comfort and support automatically. If you change to a new position as you sleep, the mattress will adjust the height and firmness levels to maintain proper alignment and provide support where you need it. This bed comes with an Android tablet loaded with the Kingsdown app to give you daily sleep statistics and feedback. The application also lets you set audio or visual alarms, preset your favorite firmness levels, and manage your sleep schedule.

Both the Sleep Smart Air and the BodyPerfect mattress work well with the Kingsdown adjustable base. This foundation uses Epitome’s built-in trackers to monitor the sleeper’s environment to improve lighting, noise, temperature, and humidity. Sensors also store sleep data and send it directly to the tablet that comes with the base. In addition to the sensors, this foundation features a massage function, under-bed lighting, 2 USB ports on each side, and wireless controls. The controls offer 3 preset positions, zero-gravity, anti-snore, and TV. Two preset buttons allow you to store your favorite sleep positions.

Other Mattress Brands To Consider

Bear Mattress

Their Bear Pro mattress features a Celliant top and copper-infused foam for a cleaner, more breathable sleep surface. A responsive transition foam layer offers zoned support for the areas where you need it most.

Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado mattress is made with eco-friendly materials that are 100% GOLS and GOTS certified. They even offer a vegan option that is made without wool. Their use of all-natural latex makes this mattress comfortable and supportive for all sleep positions.


Winkbeds offer a luxury hybrid mattress featuring Triple Layer Heat Disperse material. Their 3-Step Back-relief system provides pressure-relief and healthy spinal alignment.


Sealy provides a range of mattress types including innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid. Their memory foam is an advanced gel foam that offers cushioning and support as it hugs your body. The high-density foam in the support layer of the mattress is made of their exclusive Posturepedic Technology.

Sold on Amazon

On Amazon alone, you can find dozens of highly-rated mattress models that’ll ship directly to your door. The mattress options can feel endless but hopefully, this guide can help you order the right bed for your sleep requirements.

Innovative Trends In Mattress Technology

With trends coming and going so quickly, it is hard to know which mattress technology is worth your money. One of the recent phenomenons has been the explosion of bed-in-a-box companies. These brands send you a compact, vacuum-sealed mattress straight to your door–even if it’s a queen-size or king-size bed. Online mattress companies also offer different tech for a better night’s sleep.

Our list below outlines the most advanced tech being used in the top mattresses on the market.

Sleep Sensors

Some mattresses now feature sensors with sleep tracking abilities. These sensors measure your movements throughout the night to give a fuller picture of your sleep habits. Sensors can detect the following:

  • How long it took you to fall asleep after climbing into bed
  • How many times you woke during the night
  • The amount of time you spent in each sleep stage
  • The time you spent in each sleep position
  • How often you changed position during the night
  • Your heart rate, breathing cycle, and body temperature throughout the night

Some sensors can even monitor your environment to create a more serene sleep space. Based on the light and temperature in the room, they can suggest improvements to reduce sleep interruptions.

Sensors synchronize with a smartphone application, so results are easy to access. This information can help sleepers improve their health, sleep habits, and environment.


In addition to tracking your sleep, sensors can also adjust the lighting in your room. When getting out of bed during the night, sensors will trigger under-bed lighting so you don’t have to turn on additional lamps. When you get back into bed and relax, the lighting will slowly dim.

Temperature Control

Sleep sensor technology also allows a mattress to adjust the temperature on the surface of the bed automatically. For example, if you are prone to cold feet during the night, you can set this feature to warm the lower portion of the bed. If you tend to be a hot sleeper, you can set the surface of the bed at your preferred temperature so that it doesn’t increase or decrease as you sleep.

Adjustable Firmness

Air technology allows many companies to create mattresses with adjustable firmness. In fact, you can have both a firm side and a soft side to the bed if you like. Normally, sleepers use their smartphone app or wireless remote to inflate or deflate air pressure within the bed. Some mattresses even use sensors to adjust the firmness as you change sleeping positions through the night. Additionally, separate adjustments can also be made on each side of the bed, making this ideal for couples. That way, you get pressure-relieving support in all areas of your body.

Copper Infusion

Mattresses with copper infusion can pull heat away from your body. Copper is also antibacterial and antimicrobial to stop the build-up of harmful bacteria and allergens. Since evidence shows that copper can help control inflammation, it can also improve joint pain and stiffness.


This material is FDA-determined to regulate body temperature and promotes circulation. Celliant contains 13 thermo-reactive minerals that turn body heat into infrared energy. When absorbed by the body, this energy can improve local circulation and recovery. This helps you wake with fewer aches and pains. Since some mattresses can trap heat, this technology works to keep you cool throughout the night.

Memory Foam Technologies

Many mattresses feature some type of foam; however, the quality of the foam varies greatly. Some brands now use technology to improve the feel and support that foam can provide. For example, memory foam is well-known for its ability to relieve pain by delivering weightless support. But plant-based memory foam is a relatively new feature.

Plant-based memory foam uses the oils of soybeans and other vegetables. Traditional memory foam uses only petroleum-based chemicals for construction. The benefit of this technology is that it produces a cleaner, non-toxic, and eco-friendly sleep space. Unlike traditional memory foam, plant-based memory foam is breathable and keeps you cool. Certi-PUR plant-based foams are free of harmful chemicals like CFCs, formaldehyde, phthalates, PBDEs, and are low in VOCs. These mattresses are a good option for those who suffer from allergies.

Latex Foam Technologies

Although latex has been around for many years, its use in mattresses is relatively new. During latex production, rubber trees are tapped, not cut down. This process makes latex one of the most sustainable mattress materials available. Although latex is natural, some latex foams use synthetic chemicals. Therefore, it is essential to look for GOLS certified latex.

What makes some latex foams more advanced is the addition of graphite and gel into the foam. Graphite, a well-known heat conductor, can quickly dissipate body heat when used in a mattress. Gel infusion allows the bed to absorb body heat and release it into the air.

Electronic Synchronization

Many beds can be synced with other electronics in your home by using a smartphone application and a wifi connection. For example, when you wake in the morning, sensors in your bed can signal your lights and your coffee maker to come on. As you climb into bed each night, synchronization can lower lights and adjust your thermostat.

Adjustable Foundations

In addition to advanced mattress technology, many sleep brands offer adjustable bed frames that add even more comfort to your bed.

Head and Foot Articulation

For many years, hospitals have been using adjustable foundations to promote healing. Although new technology is much more advanced, the science behind it is the same. When sleepers can adjust their head and legs, they can find a sleep position that is suited to their needs.

Whether sitting, standing, or moving around, gravity pulls your body downward throughout the day. Sleeping with elevated legs can give the feet and legs a break so that blood can flow more freely throughout the body. Additionally, the increased blood flow to the heart and other major organs improves their function. Raising the knees at night can also decrease symptoms of back pain and sciatic nerve pain. This works by reducing the pressure that the lumbar discs put on the nerves and spine.

Elevating the head at night has also been known to help with various medical conditions. With the head raised, there is less chance of post-nasal drip, and the nasal passages are more open. Since an elevated head improves breathing, it also reduces snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea. For heart-related concerns, an elevated head can improve breathing and promote healthy sleep.

Zero-Gravity Position

Some adjustable beds also feature a zero-gravity position. With this position, the head and legs rise to a level that evenly distributes body weight. This prevents the sleeper from feeling the push and pull of gravity. When this happens, the body feels weightless and wholly relaxed. Some adjustable beds come with a preset zero-gravity button. But you can also achieve this position by adjusting the head and foot of the bed.

Pillow Tilting

Along with leg and head adjustments, some foundations also have pillow tilting. This change enables you to alter the angle of the pillow independently from the other parts of the bed.

WallHugger Technology

As you raise the head of an adjustable foundation, the bed naturally moves forward, away from the wall. This forward movement also takes the sleeper away from their nightstand. WallHugger technology corrects this issue. WallHugger technology allows the bed to remain next to the wall as the head raises. This change allows you to reach your nightstand easily and safely.

Programmable Positions and Snore Buttons

Once you find the perfect position, some beds can save those specifications as a preset. Presets ensure that you can find the same comfort night after night.

The snore button elevates the upper section of the bed to a 7-degree angle. This small change can open up restricted airways and reduce snoring. If you or your partner snore, a press of the snore button can allow for modification without waking.

Massage Function

Once you climb into bed, stress from the day can make it difficult for you to relax. To help sleepers release tension, some foundations now feature a gentle massage function. Research shows that massage can improve sleep and reduce symptoms of insomnia.

In-App Controls & Bluetooth Capability

Many adjustable foundations come with a smartphone app to adjust the bed. The position of the bed, the lighting, and the massage features can be all changed right from your phone.

By linking your phone through Bluetooth or wifi, adjustments can be voice-controlled. Some beds come with a control box or allow you to pair with an existing home system. With this feature, you can tell the bed what you would like it to do.

USB Ports

Many of us prefer to charge our phones overnight. But trying to position your bed near an outlet can often prove to be difficult. USB ports built into the foundation of the bed make it easy for you to change your device right from bed.

Sleep Trackers vs. Sleep Enhancers

Many of the above features can make your sleep routine easy and comfortable. It is important to remember that these features don’t necessarily improve sleep quality. The most important thing to consider is the support the bed can provide. If you tend to wake with back pain, you need a mattress with a firmness level that can support your body’s needs. To give your back more lumbar support, an adjustable foundation may do the trick. But above all, the bed has to fit your needs.

Sensors that track our sleep habits can improve sleep quality. If it takes a while for you to fall asleep, you can improve this by doing reading or journaling before bed. If you often wake up hot, tracking information can help you adjust the temperature.

But, it can be dangerous to focus too much on sleep tracking results. Studies show that sleepers often become obsessed with achieving the perfect night’s sleep. This pressure only adds to stress and anxiety. This condition is called orthosomnia. It occurs when the desire for “good” sleep ends up preventing sleep.

Other Things to Consider Before Buying A New Mattress

With these 8 top mattress brands in mind, you may begin to wonder how they can accommodate your specific concerns. Chances are, you have more needs than whether it can track your sleep patterns. Your preferred sleep position, body type, and health are important to keep in mind as you shop for the perfect mattress. You will also want to consider whether you prefer a firmer or softer feeling bed. To help you along the way, we outlined a few tips below so you can find the right mattress.

How Long Does A Good Mattress Last?

Most good mattresses come with a 10-warranty, some can even go up to 20 years. But, it is important to remember that this number does not reflect the life of the mattress. Warranties usually cover manufacturing issues, not normal wear and tear. Innerspring mattresses last between 5 to 8 years and memory foam beds will last about 10 years. Natural latex mattresses tend to have the longest life at around 12 to 15 years.

When Should You Buy A New Mattress?

If you are sleeping on an old mattress, you may be experiencing pain or a decrease in sleep quality. Rips, sagging, bunching, broken coils, or indents, are a sign that it is time to replace your mattress. Even if it’s flippable, you might still want to upgrade to a better bed since the bottom side might not last very long. As you start to shop for a new mattress, keep in mind the areas that you were unhappy about with your old one. This will ensure that you get these sleep needs met with your next bed.

What Are the Most Common Mattress Types?

The 7 best mattress brands above use technology to produce a higher quality bed. But each brand features a range of mattress types, including foam and hybrid. How do you know which type of mattress is best for you? Besides technology trends, you should keep in mind the 4 most common mattress options. Our guide will help you determine which type will suit your needs.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a responsive, low-density foam used in the comfort layer of many mattresses. To support this layer, many beds use a high-density foam in the base layer. Flippable memory foam beds feature the support layer in the middle of the mattress. Since these mattresses don’t have a pillow top, you are able to flip them to decrease wear and tear. But, some don’t need flipping since their layers and materials are more durable.

Memory foam contours to the body and provides pressure-free support. The pain-relieving abilities these mattresses provide has helped them gain popularity. The responsiveness of the foam keeps you supported as you change positions.

A common complaint with memory foam is their tendency to trap heat. So, look for a mattress with a cooling feature such as Celliant or open-cell memory foam.

The bottom line is you’ll want to make sure the layers of foam help you sleep cool and comfortable.

Latex Foam

As we mentioned above, latex mattresses are eco-friendly and produce fewer environmental pollutants. Latex has more elasticity than memory foam so sleepers may feel more lifted on these beds.

Latex is also hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, dust mites, and bacteria. The natural bounce of latex also makes these beds durable; they often have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of memory or latex foam and an innerspring coil base. These beds have several inches of foam in the comfort layer and a coil system as its base support.

A hybrid is also more breathable since air can flow through the innerspring system. Look for a hybrid with reinforced perimeters so that you don’t fall off the side during the night.

Innerspring Mattress

None of the 8 brands listed above fall into this mattress category. But because innerspring beds have been common for so many years, it is important to include them here. Due to their low price point, innerspring mattresses tend to be very popular. Yet, they also have the lowest customer satisfaction reviews. With more advanced mattress technology, innerspring beds are falling out of favor.

Innerspring beds feature steel or Bonnell coils. Some innerspring mattresses have coils pocketed with fabric such as cotton or wool. Since these beds lack the contouring ability of foam, they do not offer as much support. Spring coils within the bed can become broken over time, causing them to stick up and poke you.

Innerspring beds may also come with quilted tops or pillow tops so sleepers don’t feel the coils directly underneath.

How Do Sleeping Positions Determine A Good Mattress?

The position that you favor night after night can tell a lot about which mattress might work best for you. No matter how you prefer to sleep, there is a more advanced mattress suited to your needs. Below, we highlight the most common sleep positions and what to look for when shopping for a mattress.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is the most popular and healthiest way to sleep. Side sleepers experience reduced acid reflux, reduced snoring, and improved digestion.

Side sleepers often run the risk of developing pressure points in the hip and shoulders. Because of this, they should shop for a mattress that provides extra cushion to these areas to avoid this. A medium to soft all-foam bed works great for this. Hybrid mattresses can also work well for side sleepers. But, they should avoid innerspring mattresses since they don’t provide adequate pressure relief.

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping is excellent for keeping the hips and the spine aligned. Those who prefer this position often experience fewer pressure points. This is due to the even weight distribution across the surface of the mattress.

Back sleepers should look for a bed that offers an even surface and a firmer feel to prevent sinking. An all-foam or hybrid mattress that rates firm to medium-firm on the scale should fit the bill.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping angles your head and neck in a way that makes it difficult for your spine to remain neutral. This position tends to strain the spine. So, stomach sleepers are more likely to experience back and neck pain. Therefore, it is best to avoid sleeping this way whenever possible.

If it is difficult to change, stomach sleepers should rest on a mattress that is on the firm side. An all-foam or hybrid mattress that is firm to medium-firm will work best.

Combination Sleepers

It is not uncommon to prefer various sleep positions throughout the night. For this, you should opt for a mattress that is a true medium on the firmness scale. These beds are often suitable for most sleep positions. You’ll want to avoid a bed with a firm feel as it won’t offer the contouring comfort you need when you turn to your side.

What is the Ideal Mattress Price?

Mattresses with more advanced technology will cost more than traditional beds. Customers can expect to pay between $1,000 and $6,000 for a high-quality mattress. Adjustable foundations sold alone will cost between $1,800 and $4,000 for a queen size. Some brands sell adjustable beds and mattresses in a package for a more affordable price. You can even price-compare between a retailer’s pricing and Amazon’s pricing. Most of the time though, you’ll get the best sleep trials, warranty policies, and more by purchasing directly with the mattress manufacturer than through marketplaces like Amazon.

What Are Common Health Benefits Considerations?

Individuals with a medical condition that prevents sleep may find relief with a more advanced bed. Head and foot articulation can increase blood flow and improve breathing. This is beneficial for poor circulation, or when recovering from surgery or injury. A temperature control feature can help to reduce inflammation and prevent nighttime waking.

What If You Have An Active Lifestyle?

Those who live an active lifestyle will want a restorative and comfortable mattress. Celliant technology and supportive foam allow athletes to wake up refreshed and energized. Monitoring technology also helps athletes optimize their sleep schedules. Temperature control can reduce inflammation from strenuous workouts.

What Is A Good Sleep Trial?

Purchasing a mattress is an important decision, so you want to be sure that you are happy with your new bed. A sleep trial period can allow you to try out the mattress in the comfort of your home. It takes about 2 weeks to a month to become accustomed to a new mattress. So you will want to be sure that you have adequate time to test the bed. Be cautious of a trial period that is anything less than 30 days. Many online mattress brands now offer a 90-day sleep trial (or longer), so a good sleep trial is not hard to find.

What Are the Best Return Policies?

Be sure that the mattress comes with a return policy. If you decide to return or exchange your mattress, you want to verify that you have that option. Most companies will pick up the bed for donation and issue you a refund. This ensures that you end up with the right mattress for your personal sleep needs.

In some cases, companies even offer mattress toppers for added comfort. This is a great option if you want to find a way to keep your bed and don’t want to return your mattress.

What Warranty Should I Expect From My Mattress Purchase?

The industry standard for a mattress is a 10-year warranty. In some cases, prorated coverage is available. Prorated coverage applies to any manufacturing defects after the initial warranty has lapsed. That way, customers later pay only a percentage of the repair. Most mattresses have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years. So a lifetime warranty is unnecessary and doesn’t add value to the mattress. If you still sleep on an old mattress, consider an upgrade. The technology available years ago may not be as advanced as what’s now offered among modern bed-in-a-box brands.

Sensor technology may include a separate warranty to cover the electronic aspect. These warranties generally last between 1 to 5 years.

Final Takeaways

The best mattress doesn’t need to have high-tech additions to provide better rest. Sometimes low-tech sleep solutions deliver the biggest impact.

But don’t settle for a plain bed without any features like those we listed above. There are hundreds of quality mattress options to choose from.

Remember your mattress should be comfortable, supportive, and suited to your personal needs. The best mattress brands we highlighted feature new mattress technology to provide more restorative sleep. If you are suffering from sleep loss, do yourself a favor and upgrade to a more advanced mattress.


Updated February 2021

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