Sleep is often elusive for many, so it’s a priority to find a sleep solution that delivers a comfortable night and a quality slumber. Recently, I was introduced to Bedsure, a company that offers premium, affordable bedding solutions like their new memory foam mattress toppers

I received one of each to try on a couple of our beds. Here is my review of both:

S-Curve Design with Bedsure Mattress Toppers

What makes the S-curve mattress toppers from Bedsure stand out is their S-Curve design. This ergonomic design is intended to support parts of the body and optimize spinal support. The idea is that the “S” shape reflects the natural curves of the human body to address where the most support is needed to ensure proper alignment for the spine and neck.

Mattress Topper Features

Other aspects of this sleep solution products helped me enjoy better quality sleep. While other mattress toppers only have one standard type of foam, Bedsure uses memory foam and standard foam for additional firmness and comfort.

Bedsure Mattress Toppers

Innovative Memory Foam Spring

The Memory Foam Spring Mattress Topper has three different layers of material. The first layer is high-quality memory foam while the second layer features an innovative cylinder-shaped memory foam spring. Then, the third layer is made with standard foam, providing a foundation for the other two layers.

I enjoyed Bedsure’s Memory Foam Spring mattress topper more because it was more breathable and cooler. It had more of a bounce to it. Plus, it’s noiseless which is important and helps keep my spouse happy.

It also contains 30% bamboo fiber to provide a cool, breathable feel. It adapts to the temperature so you can enjoy the right feel all year round. The mesh not only helps with breathability, but it also serves as an anti-slip device.

With easily found zippers, it’s easy to remove and wash the mattress topper. It is also hypoallergenic, so it repels dust and allergens. As a seasonal allergy sufferer, this was an important feature.

Bedsure Mattress Toppers Certification

Bedsure Mattress Toppers Certification

Bedsure’s mattress toppers are CertiPUR-US Certified and Oeko-Tex Certified. The CertiPur-US Certification means that the product adheres to rigorous emissions, content, performance, and durability standards. On the health and safety side, the Oeko-Tex Certification indicates that the top mattress topper is free of more than 100 harmful substances.

Where to Buy a Bedsure Mattress

The mattress toppers are available through the company’s website and their Amazon store. Prices range from $180 (Queen) to $200 (King) for the S-curve mattress topper and $220 (Queen) to $260 (King) for the memory foam spring mattress topper.

Other Products

Bedsure also offers bedding sets that fit nicely with the mattress toppers. These bed sets are also available through the company’s website and Amazon store.

Overall Thoughts

The Bedsure mattress toppers helped with back pain that often leads to tossing and turning. I firmly believe that the ergonomic design of the S-curve mattress topper provided better spine support and alleviated pressure so I could sleep better. And the memory foam spring mattress topper is both soft and firm, catering to all sleep preferences. It is quiet, comfortable, and restful for all.

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