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Can Codecademy Teach Poor Black & Brown Kids to Code?

Unemployment among youth of color is widespread & complex; can a tech education startup change things? The White House announced new participation in a jobs initiative yesterday from fast-growing technical education website Codecademy, as well as some venerable social justice oriented organizations Level Playing Field Institute and College Bound Brotherhood, a group dedicated to increasing […]

Why Facebook’s Data Sharing Matters

Facebook has cut a deal with political website Politico that allows the independent site machine-access to Facebook users’ messages, both public and private, when a Republican Presidential candidate is mentioned by name. The data is being collected and analyzed for sentiment by Facebook’s data team, then delivered to Politico to serve as the basis of […]

The Good News About Google’s New Search Plus Your World

Google launched a major new feature this week called Google Search Plus Your World and many people are incredibly upset about it. The feature presents search results from your contacts on Google’s social network, Google+, and the things they’ve shared. It’s clutter, critics say, it’s unfair, it’s a violation of a sacred contract between users and…

Rest in Peace, Social Media ROI Doubts: 2006-2012

Many of us would love to be trained to have more social skills in everyday life, whether at work or at home. Or perhaps we wish other people we know would receive that kind of training. But is socializing online something that people need to be trained how to do? It might have sounded silly a few years ago, but social technology has now…

Will Data Collection on User Behavior Be Forced to End Soon?

Will Data Collection on User Behavior Be Forced to End Soon?

Harvard Business Review ran three interesting short pieces in this month’s magazine, under the misleadingly timeless title “Tackling Business Problems.” The three essays are actually guest submissions from business radicals, the final of the three being from social media luminary Doc Searls.

Traditional Customer Relationship Management is dead…

7 Ways to Love Blog Comments Again

Comments on blogs, what are they good for? Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but you know there’s a lot of potential in taking the democratization of publishing to the next level and letting people comment on your blog-written comments on the world. This evening a fresh spate of debate has rolled over the tech blogosphere […]

Storify Curation Tool Adds Conversation With Livefyre Comments

Storify, the Twitter and multi-media curation service that’s taken the indie and mainstream media worlds by storm, finally added the ability to post comments on stories tonight with the experimental addition of independent commenting platform Livefyre. Storify hasn’t announced the feature yet, but Livefyre has. The opt-in feature does mean that there will be comment […]

What SoundCloud’s Massive New Funding Means

What becomes possible when technology cuts out the middlemen in music publishing and distribution? A lot of very strange and sometimes wonderful things.

Berlin based music and audio sharing network SoundCloud has raised a reported $50m more venture capital from the super prestigious Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mike Butcher at TechCrunch…

Dead? Social Media’s Explosive Growth is Only Beginning

Dead? Social Media’s Explosive Growth is Only Beginning

Social media, types of media where everyday people can publish and subscribe to what one another publishes, have changed the world. At least in the United States, though, their rapid expansion through acquisition of new users may be over.

Facebook specialist Eric Eldon published a compilation of statistics from around the web this week on…

The Robot Takeover of Work & the Rise of Online Learning

Tools provide leverage for people to get work done; in many cases they enable us to do new kinds of work. Now consider robots in the workplace. They seem like bad news but do they have to be? What if robots weren’t a threat to humanity, only intended to steal human jobs, but were tools that enabled all of us to do new things and live life…

The Steve Jobs Statue & the Four-Dimensional Visionaries of BIM

The world’s first statue of Steve Jobs was unveiled today, but it wasn’t in Apple’s headquarters city of Cupertino, California. No, it was erected in Budapest, Hungary – and with good reason. In Budapest you’ll find the headquarters of a company called GRAPHISOFT, early innovators in a fascinating field called BIM.

BIM stands for Building…

Top 10 Feed & RSS Technologies of 2011

News and activity feeds are more alive today than ever before, even as engagement with their simplest format, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), appears to be waning. What were the Top 10 Most Awesome RSS & Feed Products of 2011? We offer our list below. Though some of these weren’t born in the past year, all of them have made a big impact and are…

After Years of Missteps, Facebook’s Timeline is an Epic Win

Facebook’s new Timeline profile feature is great, even if it is a little strange. It’s narcissistic, but that’s a big part of the fun of it, and I’m not sure that other peoples’ timelines are nearly as interesting as mine is to me.

It’s an incredibly feature-rich new type of social network profile. It’s a re-imagination of what a profile can be…