AppCarousel is a leading turnkey Custom App Store Platform and provider of content ecosystem services, which enables app recruitment, curation, merchandising, distribution and monetization across any screen and serves as a trusted partner to major organizations by powering their app strategies and making apps a key part of their business. AppCarousel enables device manufacturers, operators, brands, and media companies to capitalize on, and create new lines of revenue from the growing app ecosystem.

“Because AppCarousel has the economies of scale of dealing with so many platforms and developers, they are able to provide us with ready-to-go relationships,” said Christopher Croteau, Director, Tizen Association and Managing Director, Platform and Business Management, Intel System Software Division.
“In addition, they have a proactive outreach program to identify and source the best apps for Tizen,” added Croteau.
“We are proud to have Tizen as part of our ecosystem and to serve as a distribution partner,” said Terry Hughes, Managing Director, AppCarousel. “This is also a real opportunity for app developers because they are able to get their apps more easily discovered and promoted on the Tizen platform.”

Press Release
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Nov. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — AppCarousel, a leading provider of app store solutions and content ecosystem services, today announced it has joined the Tizen Association Partner Program to help further the development and deployment of the Tizen Operating System (OS) platform.
The Tizen Association is an industry consortium that supports the development of an open-source software platform and operating system – Tizen – for a wide range of connected devices. As a Tizen Association Partner, AppCarousel will have the opportunity to join relevant Tizen Association Working Groups and to participate in Tizen Association meetings, giving the company more insight and potential input into the development of the Tizen OS.
“As part of the Tizen Association Partner Program, we’re proud to offer app store and content management solutions to the Tizen ecosystem including OEMs, operators, platform partners, developers and content providers,” said Terry Hughes, Managing Director, AppCarousel. “We are helping the ecosystem make apps and content a key part of the success of Tizen, and will continue to help them bridge apps and content to the full range of connected devices running the Tizen operating system. We’re committed to the success of Tizen, and are delighted to be included in the Partner Program.”
“The Tizen Association aims to empower developers and operators with Tizen to help extend their reach beyond phones and tablets, while providing device manufacturers the tools to customize the look and feel of convergent devices in areas like home electronics, appliances, automotive and other connected devices,” said Chris Croteau, Secretary of the Tizen Association Board of Directors, and Managing Director, System Software Division at Intel Corporation. “AppCarousel helps make this goal a reality by providing an app store and content management solutions necessary to enable these connected devices, and ultimately allow consumers to easily use apps and content anywhere they choose.”
The Tizen Association brings together some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies developing products, services, software and apps for the growing ecosystem of connected devices. From smartphones and tablets to appliances and in-vehicle infotainment systems, Tizen Association partner companies around the globe are collaborating to build an independent open-source platform that drives innovation across a number of product and services segments.