Augmented Reality is fantastic — especially if you like wearing heavy, expensive ski goggles and don’t mind sitting on your sofa while you use them. Okay, that’s an oversimplification of the uses of augmented reality (AR), but for the casual consumer, that’s pretty much where its functionality as an everyday tool ends.

While professionals and various industries are using AR in exciting ways, such as in extended training sessions and biotech —  much of the real-world applications for the average Joe has AR stuck in time as a fun, flashy, but very expensive toy. I can’t live without my augmented reality games, headset — the whole thing — but sometimes it doesn’t live up to the hype or the price tag.

AnchorMaps Has Put Augmented Reality on the Map (so to speak)

AnchorMaps has changed the AR “toy” concept in new and exciting ways building this technology into something beneficial to numerous industries.

The AnchorMaps app — created by Anchor Apps — has changed how we can interact with augmented reality equipment from now on and into the future. Everyday service functions can be addressed and accessed by the AnchorMaps app.

Everyday needs can be solved and overcome because of the new functions of AR. Best of all, AnchorMaps accomplished what others have not been able to do without the need to purchase expensive, quasi-experimental, and cumbersome glasses. Instead, all you need is the app and your phone — and you are always carrying that anyway.

AR Renderings and Physical Spaces Now Incorporate Messages Together

By combining AR renderings of physical spaces with a place to incorporate messages, instructions, and more, users can build entire information systems. For example, corporations can use this technology app for training; healthcare can use the technology for teaching — schools and universities will teach in new and exciting ways.

How Does the AnchorMaps App Work?

The messages of instruction in the AnchorMaps App can be overlaid on actual images, combining the best chance to show your message and teaching skills in a fresh new presentation of facts and places for your students.

Think Social Media. Now you can map your physical space and show it to whomever you want.

How to Show Off Your AirBnB with AnchorMaps

Brett Redd, the AnchorMaps founder, said, “Whether you’re the host or the guest, any unfamiliar property will have its issues. Now imagine you can open the app, select the property, and see the host’s instructions on your device screen.”

“As the Airbnb guests enter your vacation space — will they spend time searching for plugins or WiFi? No! Everything from “here’s how to work the coffeemaker” to “here’s how to adjust the thermostat” is right there at the user’s fingertips.”

“Your guests will have the actual visual in front of them with clear instructions overlaid on the visual. It’s like having unlimited post-it notes on every surface, all of them typed and stored and ready to be called up — with a fraction of the work, of course.” —Bret Redd

AnchorMaps How to
Detailed Instructions Before You Leave.  Image Credit: from the site.

No more leaving out all the tech manual “how-to” at your Airbnb. Once you map your space, you have a quick and easy reference for your guests.

A Substitute Teacher’s Easy Transition With AnchorMaps

Airbnb is just one application of AnchorMaps functionality. Imagine leaving instructions for a substitute teacher on the AnchorMaps App. Now that Sub can see and read — where to find anything they might need in your classroom.

Co-worker filling in for you? Seriously, do you want to keep your job? Are you teaching in a school, working in your company’s HR department, or are you the trainer for your dev coding section at work? Leave a detailed outline (with a pic overlaid with instructions for your co-workers) of where to find everything you’ve been working on before you head out for two months of parental leave.

My Home Office

Forget the substitute teacher (not really) — But I’m thinking, “My wife can leave better — unmistakable instruction with the babysitter she needs this app, today if possible? Likewise, the housekeeper needs this app — and won’t miss something in my office — like: “Don’t touch THIS AND THIS.”

Indeed the possibilities are endless.

Other Companies Are Working Hard on This Type of AR

By using AR of your actual space (as opposed to stock images or drawn sketches that are supposed to resemble your location) — users who are counting on your AnchorMaps will see exactly what you’re trying to explain. Apple, Facebook, and Snapchat are working hard on this type of AR — and you can have it at your fingertip right now.

Have you ever been filling in for a co-worker out on vacation, and they leave you a twenty-page Google doc of where to find everything and how it runs? As you read that sentence, you had the same sinking feeling that I have every time that happens to me at work.

Now, long before their vacation, the co-worker can walk you through their day — with AR renderings or their physical space, with overlays and notes that anyone can follow (even you!).

Ask for Personal Responsibility From Employee Vacations

As a leader in your company, you can require this type of instruction, with AnchorMaps setup, before an employee leaves for their vacation. It’s the personal responsibility of your employees to guarantee that holidays aren’t going to mess up your company flow. “Hey, employees, take your vacation; I just don’t want any glitches.” Show your employees how the AnchorMaps App works (it’s easy), and they will be all over it. Your employees don’t want something screwed up in their department while on leave or vacation.

Remote Employees

Think of the possibilities for your remote employees. The AnchorMaps App helps solve many of the communication issues that are happening right now because of covid and so many employees wanting to work from home.

Overworked Interns

Overworked interns — you won’t have to sit and hold their hands because, now, your trainer can provide instructions with physical space AR renderings and easily overlay the training pics with written instructions.


The Millennials are especially adept at self-teaching. Have your company trainer set up the AnchorMaps App — and interns and new employees will be self-learning and self-taught in less time. The newbie can move at their own pace without having you looking over their shoulder and watching them make an error—ditto other types of training.

Moving AnchorMaps to the Corporate Space — An Actual AR Map Rendering of a Physical Space

You can provide people with an actual AR rendering map with instructions right on the image — no cumbersome, losable paper docs.

Of course, this easy-to-use tool also has game-changing potential for corporate spaces (and actual maps as well).

Theme Park or Museum — Get Some Culture With this Enhanced AR

A theme park map can be seen from the personal phone using actual images to help guide the way of your guests. Even better (think sales, we all do!) — in front of the visual of the ice cream store is the message — “this ice cream store has been rated best in California.” How about your museum? Enhance your offering in a way that serves and benefits your visitors more engaged and delightfully.

Retail Shopping, Grocery Superstore

Retail centers like shopping malls and grocery superstores can walk you directly to the products you need while still allowing you to “browse” along the way. Best of all — you will know when you arrive because you will see the actual item on the shelf.

First Responders

I’ve been there with these heroes and benefited from them. I’ve seen their work. This is a tough job that I would never want to do. Imagine the power of being able to equip your first responders with AR visual renderings of the job — if they need it on the job.

Would there be less human error? There is no way to know the reach at this point for sure — but how many businesses could use Augmented Reality with messages of hope as your men and women head onto the battlefield to save people — or save your company?

Could AnchorMaps help you in training these First Responders? How much faster could they learn to perform their very detailed jobs? I don’t know — but let AnchorMaps help you find out.


While some of tech’s biggest players hash out what they want to accomplish with Augmented Reality, AnchorMaps has found perhaps the broadest reach — and the simplest but still most effective interface of any industry players.

Let AnchorMaps help you help yourself and serve others in this unique way — Augmented Reality, combining AR renderings of physical spaces with a place to incorporate your messages.


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