To what extent will artificial integration (AI) change how we do things going into the future, particularly in the field of web development? This debate has been going on for quite some time now, some arguing that AI will soon replace humans on all tech-related jobs.

Truth be told, automating the web development process will be a major stride towards making the process flawless and fast. This production will also make design more accessible — and less expensive.

Humans and machines can combine efforts in a way that AI partake the hard, labor-intensive work and then humans handle the final touches to give a website a humanized look with the best user experience. But some of the arguments on how AI will completely kick human web developers out are neither here nor there. In this post, we look at the reality of AI in web development and try to separate it from noise and hype.

The Reality of AI integration into the Web Development Processes.

AI will definitely make work easier for web designers going into the future. Here are a few real changes that this technology will precipitate:

1. Brainstorming design layout ideas.

Having the best design layout for your website is mandatory for your online success. The challenge, however, is that creating multiple designs and then settling for one requires lots of time and resources. It is a cumbersome process when done by human developers, and sometimes forces them to settle for a design that clearly needed a little tweaking but the time and money couldn’t allow.

Using AI, however, designers can explore different design and template options within a short time. Machines can easily create and suggest many viable options at a go, leaving human developers with only a simple decision to make.

2. Mining and analyzing web data.

Web admins must constantly update their websites in order to keep up with the constantly evolving tech world. To do this effectively, they need to mine, analyze, and understand data pertaining to their user experience. They need to first understand how good or poor the architecture of their websites is, how effective their content is, and what should be done in order to straighten things up.

Machine Learning, a subset of artificial intelligence does this effortlessly and accurately, unlike humans who take too much time to mine and process data. To a larger extent, AI is helping web developers to understand SEO ranking algorithms and satisfy all ranking requirements.

3. Tweaking websites depending on their intent and aesthetic.

The color and font type of a website depends on the niche it is made for. The colors and fonts of a fashion website, for example, should be different from a political platform. Choosing fonts and colors is an easy thing to do; it is a drop-down option, after all, right?

That would be a wrong conclusion to make. Web development experts have made ridiculous color and font selection which ended up overshadowing the hard work they had put into coming up with a good design. Those mistakes are too costly to make. The good thing is that machines can read the intent and aesthetics of a given website and in a flash come up with the best color and font combinations.

The Hype Surrounding AI Integration into Web Development.

It is rumored in some quarters that AI will soon be developing websites independent of humans. Some companies have even gone to the extent of creating AI design tools (ADI) in readiness for this revolutionary development. Unfortunately, none of the available ADIs has lived to its hype. That can only lead to one sensible conclusion: AI will keep depending on human intelligence to develop websites.

But perhaps with a little sophistication in design, Artificial Design Intelligence can do without human input. There are seasoned web designers who argue that AI has a future potential of coding, mining, analyzing, and even designing websites and still manage to present sites that humans can easily relate with emotionally.

But in all honesty, humanizing a machine will require a lot of resources and expertise that modern tech gurus may not have as of now. So, yes, AI will be taking over web development processes in the long run but not in the foreseeable future.

After sorting the sense from the nonsense, one thing stands out: web development cannot survive without artificial intelligence and neither can machine develop a website from scratch without human input. If you are targeting to develop an awesome website for your business, therefore, the best thing to do is outsource to Europe expert web developers.

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