iPads Are Wi-Fi Data Pigs

A study from earlier this summer by wireless vendor Meraki reveals some starting information based on the data collected across their customers’ networks. Apple’s iPad users are piggy when it comes to their data consumption, averaging close to 200 MB monthly, compared to an average smartphone user of about 40 MB. They now account for four percent of all devices they have observed on enterprise networks.

This isn’t surprising, given that In-Stat just predicted that tablet shipments will continue to increase and approach 250 millions units in 2017 and how popular smartphones and tablets have become in the enterprise.

Slightly more than half (58%) of the devices now connected on enterprise Wi-Fi networks are exclusively mobile phones and tablets. Last year, Android and iOS devices accounted for a third of devices they saw on their customers’ networks. Indeed, the iPhone itself now accounts for a third of the device population, up from a quarter from last year. Windows desktop population halved from last year. There still are plenty of Windows XP machines connected though: seven percent of all devices.

Meraki collected this data from its fingerprinting technology that attempts to figure out the client OS and other device details. They anonymously and randomly surveyed 100,000 devices all over the US during selected periods this year and last.

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