Reqallable promises to be one of the most useful and exciting applications made for the Tizen Samsung Gear 2. It was initially announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC14) alongside the Tizen Gear 2.
The whole idea behind the application is to focus and highlight on what matters most, in your email and text messages. We all suffer from email “clutter” and could benefit with being able to focus on critical items, with the ability to respond with template “quick responses”, right from the comfort of your wrist. It also makes sure less important messages don’t disturb you whilst you are busy. Another cool feature of reqallable is that it can keep an eye on traffic conditions and let you know when you need to leave to get to your next appointment on time.
It will automatically prioritises your messages based on:

  • Important contacts based on your calendar
  • Communications
  • Activity and location



Reqallable-Application-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-2 Reqallable-Application-Gear-2-Neo-Tizen-3


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