Every week on ReadWriteMobile, we ask readers questions pertaining to trends and news related to the mobile industry. Sometimes we ask you about thoughts on the mobile platforms themselves, other times about user behavior or monetization methods.

This week, we'll take a look back at some of our polls from the past few months to summarize what you've told us so far.

In January, we asked those in the market for a new tablet whether an iPad or Android tablet was on their list. Over half of you said Android! 56% (876 votes) for Android, 35.44% (554 votes) for an iPad. This may have reflected the fact that many were already iPad owners, but still, a nice showing for Android, especially given the iPad 2 rumors that were hot at the time. (Now how many of you actually followed through, we wonder?)

Also in January, we asked which U.S. carrier was the best for mobile developers. The answers, which clearly reflected the iPhone's dominance were as follows: AT&T (64.7%). Verizon (12.67%), T-Mobile (12%) and Sprint (6.67%) followed.

In March, Bloomberg revealed that Microsoft wouldn't release its tablet computer (which we now know as Windows 8) until 2012. Is that too little, too late, we wanted to know? You said "Yes." (61.46%, 295 votes), it was too late. 27.5% said "no" and 11.04% were unsure. We asked again in May to see if things had changed. They had! Now, 43.35% said the Windows 8 tablet had a chance while a much smaller proportion (23.65%) thought it was too late.

Later in March, we wanted to know your thoughts on RIM allowing Android apps to run on its BlackBerry PlayBook. More of you thought it was a brilliant move (55.81%) than a big mistake (25.84%) Have you changed your minds since?

In April, we asked about the 3D craze, and if a 3D phone was in your future. Answers were more evenly split here: 41.23% said yes, they were going 3D, but 38.6% thought 3D was a gimmick and didn't like it. 20.18% were unsure, having never seen a 3D phone for themselves.

With so much talk about Android fragmentation, we thought it would be fun to ask a straightforward question for a change: is it realy a problem or not? (Or only somewhat?) The answer: it's a problem, said 50.83% (with 123 votes). 19.01% said "somewhat" and 30.17% said 'No."

After much hoopla over the "troubling" terms for developers at Amazon's appstore, we asked what developers thought. 41.67% said developers should stay away from the Amazon appstore, but 35.71% said no, it's worth being listed there.

TIn May, we wanted to know what the most exciting news from Google I/O was (as it related to mobile developers). The answer? Android@Home with 28.03% of votes. But there was a lot to be excited about, it seemed. The Ice Cream Sandwich announcement was second at 23.44%. The launch of the ADK was third (17.57%), followed by OEMs and carriers agreeing on device updates (11.3%), Android 3.1 (7.95%), Market updates (6.69%) and Google TV updates (5.02%).

These are just some of the results from our more popular polls over the past few months. Tune in every Friday for more Q&A's about mobile trends and news. Thanks for participating!

Image credit, polling station: flickr user Shereen M