A woman has found a bunch of her voice recordings from Alexa, that is being synced to Amazon via Wi-Fi. She has recorded a TikTok video and can be found below.

She has requested all of the files that Amazon had from her 2 Alexa’s and saw loads of voice recordings in a .zip file. You can also find your voice recordings that Amazon has tracked, just by heading to alexa.amazon.com. From there, sign in with the account you would use for your Alexa, and a load of voice recordings will reveal themselves. The woman says that she described the experience as so scary.

Amazon said, in a statement, that they give customers transparency and control over their Alexa experience. Customers can review and delete voice recordings, or choose not to save them anywhere.
Amazon says you can grant permission for the Alexa app to use data and can change what you want and don’t want in the Alexa app.

You can request data from Amazon by heading to Amazon’s Request My Data page, (which can be found here), logging into your Amazon account, and then choosing the information they want to review.

How can I just stop Alexa from saving my voice recordings?

You can disable the saving voice commands feature by opening the Alexa app, going to More, then settings, then Alexa privacy, then Mange your Alexa data, choose how long to save the recordings, then tap Don’t save recordings.

Amazon says that they provide privacy for all of their devices, but they should just tell you what you can and can’t do regarding your privacy.