This week’s poll is inspired our friends at CloudAve. Krishnan Subramanian wrote a post today about open-sourcing data center design.

It’s about time, isn’t it? Subramanian best point comes down to what is happening right now in the cloud computing world. The enthusiasm for cloud computing is such that there is no time to waste.

Subramanian writes:

“Compared to other fields of IT, the innovation on the data center front is relatively slow because the industry as a whole is slow to change. With cloud computing capturing the imagination of enterprises and public, It is important to innovate rapidly on the data center side.”

We know the role open-source is playing in cloud computing. Just look at the role that Hadoop and Eucalyptus are playing in cloud computing.

But opening up the data center is a different story. It may be the last frontier and the key for opening up the enterprise to open-source initiatives.

The Open Source Data Center Initiative seems like it sees that potential. The group is challenging the powers of the engineering world by collaborating and pooling information that goes into designing and ultimately constructing data centers.

That’s pretty interesting.

So, here’s our question this week:

Last Week’s Poll: What is the top threat to cloud computing?

Last week’s poll had 244 people respond.

Top response: API’s and a poor interface. API’s are causing headaches for at least one of the leading cloud service providers.

We’ll have more later about troublesome API’s. In the meantime, what do you think? Is there a place for open-source in the data center?